Zcash Paper wallet

I know this idea has popped around in the forum but there hasn’t been a solution that I could find. I am waiting for my hardware wallet but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a safe paper wallet I can store my Zcash?

Thank you!

Sounds like an opportunity for someone to build a popular service.

What about this online service?


There is also a link below that page sending to the GitHub project…

you can also use vanitygen_z

made myself an awesome address

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Thanks @sappig much appreciated. Sadly I do not have Linux only Windows. Is there a Windows version you are aware of?

A suggestion would be to install VirtualBox or VMWare and spin up a virtual machine and install Linux. Do what you need to do and then spin it down. Only run it when you need something :wink:

There are windows binaries available. If you know how to do a simple command line (or create a .bat) you’ll have it in seconds.

Download binarie here

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Wesite not working…

It used to… The project seems abandonned.

The following is my plan to create a paper wallet. I hope others will comment as I’m not certain of the procedure if it will be a true cold wallet or what other issues there may be.

One install the zcash4win from github and an offline qrcode generator.

Two disconnect the computer from the internet disable the wireless adapter and put it in airplane mode if applicable.

Three Create a new T address using zcash4win then get the private key. Cut and paste both public and private key into a word document.

Four optional use offline qr code generator to make a we code for both keys

Five put the QR code into same document and print however many copies I want.

Six Delete the document

Seven delete zcash4win

Eight delete qrcode generator

Nine reconnect computer to internet.

Ten laminate and safely store my new paper wallet.

So that’s my plan for cold storage but it’s pieced together from what information I could find on the forums on bitcoin paper wallet creation sites and the interweb in general. So it may be extremely flawed. To everyone else on the forum, would this be true cold storage? What if any flaws or weaknesses are there in this plan? Put another way how would this be open to hackers or theft? Any better ways to do it that people have? Is the step of deleting zcash4win before reconnecting the computer to the internet sufficient to make this cold storage or would the computer have to never reconnect to the internet? Anything else I’m missing?

Thanks everyone for any and all input and information!

Use TailsOS or even a bootable linux installer (which typically have office suites available to run) rather than your regular online computer to create that document. Also, how much do you trust your printer not to keep its own record of the file you’re printing?

When people typically make qr code paper wallets, are they encoding an ASCII string or the raw binary address data?


what about the zcash-mini paper wallet?

You have to install Go language to run it. It’s possible in Windows and other OS.
But zcash-mini do not have an GUI (graphical interface), you have to use the terminal.

just as a reminder: always consider generating paper wallets offline

  1. (Optional but highly recommended) Use pwall offline for maximum security by downloading and extracting the zip file below and double-clicking on index.html on a secure offline computer or a Linux LiveCD.
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You can use https://pwall.org/zcash to generate your paper wallet. It’s open-source, client-side and constantly updated.

Hi, anyone know of solution to have Z address like online or paper wallet?

GitHub - adityapk00/zecpaperwallet: Zcash Sapling Paper Wallet Generator was recently created by https://www.reddit.com/user/Tripleyouwu/

I have tested it by cloning the repo, building it from source, going offline & running the command to generate three offline sapling addresses with private keys on a PDF. Going to send a small amount and load the private keys into a wallet to test it out further soon but it works great so far.