ECC and Zcash Foundation reach landmark TM agreement

In essence, the contract transfers ownership of the trademark to the foundation — at no cost — and stipulates rights, obligations and limitations.

It’s a novel agreement, for which there appears to be no precedent, containing unique stipulations such as this: No party has independent authority to declare that a specific chain of Zcash can actually be called Zcash. There must be agreement from both parties, and neither party can unilaterally override the will of the community.

Update: Josh Cincinnati ( @acityinohio ) from the Zcash Foundation also posted about the agreement here:

We are grateful to have reached an amicable agreement with the ECC, and look forward to future productive collaborations with them and the broader Zcash ecosystem!



See also the Foundation’s corresponding blog post: A Solid Future for the Zcash Trademark


Congrats on this. A really nice job on the legal contract…


good result! The next step is to look forward to the de- fund problem can be properly resolved



Any chance the new trademark holder now goes after the zcash com domain? This domain really should belong the trademark holder and it’s a clear trademark infrigement anyway.

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