ECC Proposes Changes to the Network Upgrade Process

A short time ago, ECC published a blog post titled “Network Upgrade Pipeline 2.0”, which sets out their proposed timeline for the next network upgrade.

This is an important process, with far-reaching implications. It’s the most significant factor in determining how quickly new functionality and improvements to the protocol can be implemented and activated on mainnet. It also sets a timetable for evaluating and auditing both the specifications and code implementations, and making any necessary fixes that emerge from those audits, which has implications for the security and stability of the protocol.

Finally, while ECC’s zcashd is the only Zcash implementation today, this process will have implications in the future for the Zcash Foundation’s engineering team (which is working on the Zebra implementation), as well as any other third parties who develop and need to maintain software that needs to be compliant with the Zcash protocol.

I expect this topic will be discussed during tomorrow’s Arborist Call, so we’re very interested in hearing the Community’s thoughts and feedback on ECC’s proposal.