Zcash Arborist Call - February 11th

Our next Zcash Arborist Call will be tomorrow, February 11th at 22:30 UTC!

Registration is now open and you can sign up for the call here .

Arborist calls are monthly calls where Zcash protocol contributors convene to discuss upgrade timelines and process, protocol R&D efforts, design and implementation of new protocol features, and identify blockers and unresolved issues. See this post for full details.

In addition to our standard development and schedule updates, this week we’ll be continuing the discussion of Halo (ZIP 224) as well as other features for possible inclusion in NU5.

If you’re interested in presenting at future Arborist calls, contact me at steven@electriccoin.co with “Arborist Call” in the subject line.


I’d like to encourage @ZcashGrants members to attend this public meeting to improve information flow between all three Dev Fund recipient orgs.

Also, curious from all forum readers, how can we improve Arborist Calls or what could we replace them with to ensure Zcash has a good regular realtime video venue for coordinating on protocol development?


It would be great if a minutes of meeting was available for each video calls. I remember hearing quite some extra info listening to the video that would never appear anywhere else written. Reading is just sometimes much more convenient that going through a whole video.

Thanks for the suggestion @den. I’ll check and see if we can get a transcript produced automatically as part of the recording.


I will be attending!


Too early for my side of the world but would love read the transcript if available. Good luck and have fun folks!