Is Zerocoin similar enough to bitcoin to allow support from a light wallet like electrum?

I note that Electrum-Dash provides users with a subset of the features offered by Dash (ie: no darksend) which is why I thought the same might be possible for Zerocoin.

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Interesting! Thanks for the tip. I did not know about Electrum-Dash. Zcash is very similar to Bitcoin, yes. I’ll try to get in touch with some Electrum developers and ask them about it.

electrum-zcash would be really great!

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Why back when I wrote to someone at Electrum and got a positive reply to my comment about Bitcoin and Zcash similarities. Maybe all us Electrum and Zcash enthusiasts oughta bug 'em some more. :wink:

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Problem is the private addresses, those do not rely on the public blockchain

If you notice how wallets like Jaxx get by without supporting Zcash’s privacy features, a Zcash version of Electrum could do the same. However, methods for offloading proof generation for private transactions are coming.