Announcing Dash to Zcash, a book by the Zcash community

Hi All,

These past few months, I have been looking into Zcash more seriously and wanted to give back in some way.

I am starting a community written Zcash book, in the style of Zero to Monero, in order to attract more cryptocurrency enthusiasts to Zcash. Hopefully, with this book, prospective developers and researchers aren’t intimidated by Zk-SNARKs and the underlying tech behind zcash.

I am still in the process of creating a table of contents in order to ensure the best ordering of knowledge. You can find my progress here: GitHub - hashcloak/ZK-to-Zcash: A technical guide to Zcash: A private cryptocurrency.

If you would like to collaborate, just create and issue and we can discuss.

NOTE: The title is subject to change.


I assumed this was a book for people in the Dash ecosystem to learn about Zcash. I’m glad I’m wrong!


The title of the book is subject to change. As far as I know, I can’t use Zcash in anything Zcash related because the ECC owns the trademark.

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You can probably use the term Zcash in the title, so long as you follow the rules published here:


You can use the Word Marks in book and article titles, and the Logo in illustrations within the document, as long as the use does not suggest that we have published, endorse, or agree with your work.


I think the current name will confuse people, so I’ll try to brainstorm alternative suggestions :slight_smile: I love that you’re stepping up in this way, thank you!


Same, since Dash is another privacy coin it’s probably not the best choice.

How about, Rush, Sprint, Race, or Zip to Zcash? @Mikerah


Preferably something catchy. Something with both alliteration and rhyming. But, if that’s not possible, then it should rhyme to ensure the maximal catchyness of the book title. Something in the lines of “cash → e-cash → Zcash”?


I have a PR for the first chapter up: initial version of chapter 1 by Mikerah · Pull Request #2 · hashcloak/ZK-to-Zcash · GitHub

Anyone can comment and leave suggestions for edits.


Looking good! I’m excited to see your approach as it unfolds :eyes:

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Alice and Bob in Succinct Non-Interactive Wonderland

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