Equihasher A1 3200 H/s - Zcash Equihash


What do you think about this device?
Because his hashrate could give some headaches and could bring up to 600$ per month without costing too much…

Thank you for your time and answers…

This is probably why difficulty is growing 300$ per month in 1 month probably :joy:

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Yep, sure that if hundreds of miners buy this, we will have to produce ten of thousands of hashrate to get a dollar per month

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The problem with devices such as this compared to GPU’s is resale value. If at some point in the future Equihash becomes unprofitable, you have thousands of dollars worth of useless equipment. Whereas GPU’s can be sold.

Honestly, if ever I could have this device, and if I succeed in earning more than 7000$ a year, I won’t do care of selling it, the ROI wll be reached from a long time…

Its a SCAM :slight_smile: EQUIHASH ASICS!?!?! Can it really be?


Oki doki thank you all for your responses :wink:

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I call bovine fecal matter!!! There is NO WAY this is legit, running 3200H/S with a power draw of 573w let alone at a price of $2300.00


The only possible way it could be is if someone figured out an ASIC chip for zec, and if they did Zcash will change to make it worthless.

Good grief, look at the power supply to the (fake) unit! NO WAY that provides 600w+, that thing would barely charge my beard trimmer!

no contact page, no address etc should give it a warning by itself already. always check for reviews on OTHER sites, and even on other sites, check the people who reviewed it. if it sounds too good to be true…