Estrahash mining hardware - *Zcash equihash*

Estrahash mining hardware to mine cryptocurrency the most advanced mining hardware. Earn more than any other mining equipment.
Mine cryptocurrency to earn maximum better than Asic. It gives more ROI than any other asic mining hardware
GPU that makes them suitable and better for cryptocurrency mining, as the mining process higher efficiency in performing lot of repetitive computations

Algorithm Hash Rate(±5%) is expected

Etherhash 300 MH/S
Equihash 3800 H/S
Cryptonight 6900 H/S
Lyra2REv2 250 MH/S
Neoscrypt 10 MH/S
Nist5 210 MH/S

I didn’t know you could get more ROI, I know of a faster ROI or (insert number) % quicker ROI, but more ROI?
Maybe its a language translation issue?

I’m curious, am I supposed to google you to get the link (which I did)? You didn’t leave any contact information or a url to go to your site.

After navigating your site, (don’t click begin, click shop) the two products you are selling are preorder and list out of stock. No ship by date or … well nothing.

Ohh yeah, what’s in the box doing the mining?

Lastly, after doing a domain search, and everything else IMO, I rate this a strong buyer beware.

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Best mining with optimum speed

The first batch have been sold out you can check out their tweet for more information
or contact them.

How about putting up a video to serve as proof of your claims. 3800h/s on 580w is an outlandish claim and I don’t see it being true.

There have been several of these too-good-to-be-true offers come and go who make questionable claims with no substance behind them. I believe your claim to be untrue and challenge you to prove me wrong.

i’ll wait for some independant reviews, unless you want to send me one to review.

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The About section is a total joke:

The Estra mining machine began its innovative work in June 2017 and started its investigations in different angles in October. By compressing the benefits of existing designs mining in the market, our building group has completely enhanced the illustrations parameters. A huge number of hours of PC reenactment and tweaking have given us exceptional low power utilization and high power performance. .As the demand of cryptocurrency have increased since 2010 which make it more valuable than before. We released estrahash to mine Gpu coins.
There are numerous items in the market for mining and individuals need to purchase costly power supply to begin mining to remember the view we made power efficient and sound with 52db(muted miners).
Brought mining back to home high performance efficient and stable mining

Scams don’t come any more painfully obvious than this…

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