What is the best cryptocurrency where I can cryptomine the fastest?

Don’t get me wrong Zcash seems like a very good money and I would love to mine for Zcash, but because it is too popular and too many people are cryptomining, I would like to cryptomine some other currency and then trade all the money to Zcash.

So does anyone know the best cryptocurrency/cryptomoney out there where it is the fastest to cryptomine for money?

And additionally does anyone happen to know with the cryptocurrency, is there an open source cryptomining library where I can integrate it into my software for my computers and have a pool mining mode?

Depends on your hardware and electricity rate. Check out https://whattomine.com/

hi mate thanks for your response!

In regards to your link what does this top section mean (sorry still a noob trying to figure out the ropes)?

Top section is your GPU hardware

I have tried different selections and it seems like Ethash4G is the fastest.

So I believe Ethash4G is a hashing algorithim, right?

If so then over on the bottom section:

is the cryptocurrencies, right?

That supports the hashing algorithm ( Ethash4G), right?

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Yes, Ethash is the algorithm, coins that use that algorithm are listed below.

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Since it seems like you are new to mining, you might consider using a service like NiceHash that detects your hardware and switches to the most profitable automatically. They pay in BTC which you can trade for Zcash.

I see mate.

So I did a calculation for ONLY Ethash4G but how come for different currencies I get different results even though I am using the same hashing algorothim?

Thanks mate, I appreciate it =D

Yes true my friend

The problem about NiceHash is that it is afaik propriatary and it does not have a library for programming. I wanted some library so I can integrate/import it into my own code and include it into my software for my own PCs. Do you know any out there that either supports Python, C, C++ and/or Rust (most perferable)?

That’s because different networks have different levels difficulty based on the number of people mining. More miners = less profit per miner.

Ah right, but how does that work exactly like how come the more miners out there the less profit you get?

It’s a competition, there is only one pie (block reward) and everyone is trying to get a slice. This is the same reason you noticed that Zcash is not profitable on your hardware, because the amount of computers (hashpower) on the network make your hardware non-competitive.

Would I at all generate any money, even if it is like $0.000001 US dollars?

Please help me sir !
I don’t know how to mine
Please and please help me out