Zcash wallet (inb4 future rewards discussion)

hi all, i dont know to whom at zcash foundation, electric coin co, or dev team it may be adressed, to let it sit here. guys. do realize that besides promising (4 years still promising) tech, besides meme pricing downward action bincoin-wise, user experience is nightmare. what zcash user needs, if he want to store any significant funds in zcash? reliable wallet. guys, its f-ing front end of your service/protocol because there’s money involved. what do you have…
zcasd… fine. it works. for 0.1% of cli linux users.
zecwallet, qt frontend of zcashd. works, crappy ux/ui, maintained by 1 person, yet officially related to zcash. imagine sane person that would rely their funds on that. no, maybe maintainer is a nice guy, but for cryptocurrency with 500m marketcap… are you serious?
range third party wallets. and your politics to encourage building them by building reference-only wallet by yourself… guys… do you realize, that by such a politic you encourage various exit-scammers, and delegate security of funds in your protocol to shady third parties. guess, who is/will be blamed when zec would be lost over there.

so… before you try to secure some rewards after next halening… build something f-ing solid like bitcoin core. at least. hello. wake up. zcash is 4 years old. its 2k19. still no solid wallet. are accelerating tremendously. …are you even trying? who will buy your promises. bring some confidence, they will be reflected in zec price. what’s a point in 20% reward if price continues to deprecate. get your stuff together, and 10% will be more then enough with market appreciation.


If you’re on Android, try Guarda Shielded.


imho you dont get my point… with bitcoin core i’m comfortable to store/manage 10-100 btc. with third party multicurrency wallet that have external features, bult on something like electron.js, etc… maybe 1-2 zec for some spending. in case it works seamlessly. but just read reviews in google store link, that you provided…
i’ve tried macos guarda. it looks neat… but thats all. and has no shielded support. so what’s a point?

so, once again. electric coin co/zcashfoundation etc. if you want some market appreciation before next funding requests - then give your customers/users/hodlers not just promises of bright future, and internal development updates, but some reliable thing where user can store and manage their funds with confidence. what’s a point in shielded transactions, if they still can not be properly used. i mean, i see, there’s some work ongoing. but with current pace and expectations/reality and shiny prospects/actual products ratio… when you reach something it gonna be (if it isnt already) too late.
ofc this is applicable if you really have some goals to bring your tech to the world, make zec value-wise great, and not just grab any rewards/fleece investors while they last.

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Like Sonya said Shielded Guarda is a fully functional light wallet
Imho its you who missed the point because its you who falsely assumes

Sorry, thats rude
But so is purposefully wasting other peoples’ time

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to use an android phone for security and privacy matters… well, good luck with that. maybe i was more rude then necessary because of market non-appreciacion of project that i still like and own some coin. maybe not. time will tell. as for now, i still stand on a ground, that not providing in-house reliable, not just “fully functional”, multiplatform wallet invalidates security and privacy promises. let alone other web and quiestionable wallets that zcash have to offer.


Fair enough, this discussion has been raised before and I think it about centralization i.e. what is “official” and why should we avoid it
Any “official” wallet will be a full node 100% no question
Shielded Guarda is actually the very first FF light client (user node-free) so really its only a matter of time before something comes out that suites your needs better

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This just makes sense. 10-100 BTC = 100,000 = 1,000,000 US$, i wouldn’t store these either on my phone or a 3rd party wallet.

To be fair the situation gets better. About 14 months ago the wallet issue was even worse, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

However, i share the opinion that there should be always an official wallet and it should be the users choice IF he wants to make the trade-off “more centralization versus more thrust/security”.
From a pure personal users POV i always thrust the official wallets most, not that this is a 100% garantee.


I would say that you need a storage method with the possibility close to 100% guarantee.

We definitely need support in hardware wallets. The best way to get that is by demonstrating that demand exists!

well, zcash is supported by ledger live with ledger nano s/x. as for demand, it will follow money. not vice versa, imho.

With such a team of cryptographers it was possible to come up with something different about their storage and interaction in the system, for example, a unique smart key that gives access to a wallet or a payment system on the Internet, such as a credit card. Key generation occurs with indication of 1 or 2 degrees of protection against forgery and hacking.

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That “different” thing it’s called zero-knowledge proofs and they were the first human beings to create a practical implementation ever, all these other new ones followed because it’s way easier to copy and modify somebody else’s work then do it yourself
But its open source and that is neither here nor there, the fact is that all those things you talk about are useless if your core system is garbage
We’re looking ahead to a new L1 so why waste the resources? (Besides there was a post not too long ago about encrypting all that stuff and I was going to try it but I have yet to was busy, Ill try to find it)

Here it is

I’ll try it eventually I promise!

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Thank you, did not see this material, I will study.
Although I had a slightly different idea, it was generally similar.
Although no, it is too difficult to implement for the vast majority of users, and the storage requirement is large.
These solutions can be non-personal in the network and, after scaling the network, can work just like on this chain. Therefore, the desire to have a convenient storage and settlement system is not a whim but a need.