Expanding ZCAP

The following people have been added to ZCAP:

We have also removed four members who had not voted in the last four polls.


What’s the process for ZCAP expansion? When’s the next ZCG election?


The following people have been added to ZCAP:

Additionally, we have re-added Mike Segal and @Shawn (who were previously removed due to non-participation).

@joris and @pkr have been removed after being banned from the forum for persistent violations of the Code of Conduct.

Another eighteen people have been removed from ZCAP as they have not participated in four consecutive polls. These people have been emailed to notify them of their removal, and they may appeal their removal.

The updated list of ZCAP members (now totalling 191) can be found here.


Welcome to the new members of the ZCAP! Thanks for the update.


Thanks I’m happy


Thank you it’s a pleasure to be here.


can you add me too please, i was invited at 24/1/24


Is there any formal agreement by which ZCAP members are added and removed? What are the procedures?


You have to be active in the community and participate in at least four consecutive polls.


A couple of years ago, we defined a bunch of objective criteria by which community members could be eligible for ZCAP.

  • Grant recipients who have successfully completed more than 50% of their grant (as measured by the USD value of grant milestones that have been completed and paid out)
  • Zcash Community Grants Committee members (past and present)
  • Zcash Ambassadors from the ZCG Ambassadors Program
  • Community contributors who have:
    • made a meaningful contribution to one of the Zcash node projects on Github (zcashd and Zebra),
    • authored or co-authored a ZIP (including ZIPs 1001-1013), or
    • led development of a significant Zcash software application, library, tool or similar.

We (ZF) proactively reach out to people who meet these criteria. Anyone we’ve missed should complete this form.

  • Active members of the forum that joined before March 2021.
  • Zcash Community Forums members who have recently visited the forum for 100 consecutive days and earned the “Aficionado” badge.
  • Zcash Community Forums members who have earned the “Regular” badge by being a regular part of the Zcash community over a period of months.

Forum members who meet the criteria listed above should fill out this form.

ETA: As @SexDrugsAndZcash earned the “Regular” badge earlier this year, they qualify for ZCAP membership! :tada:

@SexDrugsAndZcash: check your DMs.

ZCAP members are removed if they don’t participate in four consecutive polls but they can appeal their removal. We have removed ~55 people for non-participation.

We also remove people who are permanently suspended from the forums.



He resignated himself from Zcap (apparently, many thinks it has become a farce) Who hasn't yet voted in the ZCAP poll? - #32 by joris

He was very critical about ZF, the ZF leadership, I think you just happen to weaponize a Code of Conduct that the community never agreed on for your own benefit of silencing people.

I was receiving emails to vote, but then I stopped receiving them, did they just stop sending them or am I no longer a ZK AV Club? Goodnight

Based on the Helios ballot tracker, you appear to have successfully voted in the current poll.


Thanks I thought it wasn’t there anymore, because it doesn’t appear in the email anymore, then I thought it wasn’t there anymore<3