Expectations of ZCG in 2023

While this list may represent items I’d advocate for if I was elected as a ZCG member this post’s primary objective is to gather community sentiment about some items I’d like to see ZCG start doing in January 2023. I’m also open to feedback to add/remove/adjust items from this list :blush:.

  1. Have ZCG members elect a chairperson and assistant chairperson. It appears this kind of unofficially happens already with some ZCG member taking of more of a leadership role. The extra time commitment of this role should also be officially reflected. I’d suggest the breakdown of time commitments to be 20hrs (per month) for ZCG members, 30hrs for assistant chairperson, 40hrs for chairperson. Personally I’d vote Jason for chairperson but it wouldn’t be up to me, it’d be up to the sitting ZCG members after each ZCG members election.

  2. ZCG should negotiate direct funding with an organisation. This work should start in January. My vote would be to direct fund QEDIT with the equivalent of 1% of the Dev fund (~20,000ZEC per year). No milestones, simply require QEDIT to provide mission statement and strategic objectives for how those funds will be used. They should also provide a 4page (or so) financial report each quarter regarding their balance and how the fund that were used were spent. ZSA work should continue to be funded under the existing grant. I’d encourage we allow for an overlap of funding and start direct funding ASAP so QEDIT can build up the funds required to fund their next project.

  3. fvm.filecoin.io is coming in 2023. We need to fund and encourage integrations with filecoin. Zemo would have been a good option (think multimedia messages). But there are many others. Additional benefit is after initial funding from ZCG we can encourage any of these projects in the Zcash ecosystem to apply for filecoin/ECC grant https://ff-ecc-grants.org/ (different pool of money).

  4. ECC and ZF should be submitting RFPs to ZCG for ZCG’s consideration. I’m not referring to ZCG’s ability to “ask” ECC and ZF for help. I’m referring to the ability for ECC and ZF proactively proposing these RFPs to ZCG and writing them. Example, why did ZCG write the RFP for Zcash UniFFI Library? This work seems super closely related to work ECC does… Node + Wallet development :thinking:. I’m okay if ECC doesn’t have capacity to do this work but they can at least write the RFP for ZCG without anyone asking :person_facepalming:.

  5. Fix/add Open Graph markup to everything. Look at the difference between a link with a preview and not.

    Also the first item on the zcashcommunitygrants.org page before any other text needs to be the amount of funds ZCG currently has available. We need anyone hitting the landing page to know ZCG is serious. With all the talk about “how to attract more applicants” you’d think we’d be able to share nice looking links on social media. Awful links get awful engadgment :person_facepalming:.

Which of the following do you support:

  • Have ZCG members elect a chairperson and assistant chairperson.
  • ZCG should negotiate direct funding with an organisation.
  • fvm.filecoin.io is coming in 2023. We need to fund and encourage integrations with filecoin.
  • ECC and ZF should be submitting RFPs to ZCG for ZCG’s consideration.
  • Fix/add Open Graph markup to everything.

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That’s a good idea, I look forward to many people’s votes

ZCG meeting chair was already proposed by @aquietinvestor since the start of 2022 year. Any “official” recommendations would require a ZIP-1014 change. This topic also follows up to the 2022 committee’s discussion with ZF regarding hours & pay which you can find in the ZCG meeting minutes.

That’s a great idea, someone should check the grant application process with ECC before assuming follow-up funding for applicants. The Filecoin X ECC fund is run by their respective teams and not the ZCG.

Everyone can have an opinion on who should be doing what, most of us are here to build Zcash and extend its feature set. I took the initiative to write the RFP as the ZCG had decided to actively seek developers to build the necessary toolset for Zcash, which was also part of my candidacy announcement. And after learning about ECC’s work on creating language specific bindings and how it could have helped reduce rework for Thorchain integration work that my team was working on: GitHub - zcash-hackworks/zcash-light-client-ffi: Light Client FFI Layer for librustzcash

The RFP was finalized following a deep review of NU5 transactions feature spec and collaboration with ECC engineers, namely @daira and @pacu who volunteered to help beyond their daily workload.

Feel free to make PRs to the ZCG landing site: GitHub - ZcashCommunityGrants/zcashcommunitygrants.github.io: Zcash Community Grants

Thanks to @BrunchTime for helping integrate the live ZEC price and ZCG available funds from the ZF maintained Google Sheet.

@GGuy feel free to ping ZCG members wrt any questions or doubts you might have, there is a lot of discussion & work done in the background to make the meeting minutes happen. Cheers!