GGuy for ZCG (June 2023)


I’m excited to nominate myself for ZCG in 2023. As a software engineer with 17 years experience, I plan to leverage my knowledge and technical experience to help ZCG make the best, most informed, decisions with regards to grants. I also hope I can use my skills to help contribute to the successful RFP process, which will help Zcash attract more teams to the platform.

I believe one way of attracting more teams and producing better outcomes is by providing more open-ended funding to teams and individuals with a track record of delivering outcomes. Hahn is a great example of an individual who doesn’t need the ZCG managing his time with milestone based grants. I believe it’s in the best interest of both parties to provide more open funding with less overhead to the parties involved. It not only provides efficiency gains but also encourages innovation which I believe all tech projects need.

ZCG have been performing admirably given the pressures and market conditions experienced within Zcash and the greater cryptocurrency space of late. I hope if elected I can make sure this doesn’t hinder ZCG’s ability to make tough decisions that fund big projects and ideas despite the shrinking pool of ZEC available.

It’s my belief that ZCG’s big investments will produce big outcomes. ZCG’s commitment to fund QEDIT and Zcash Media will produce a real and meaningful impact. Also, the relatively large funding we’ve provided to Hahn, who is an amazing resource, has produced real outcomes that will provide a large impact to Zcash.

If elected, I’d like to advocate to continue strategic outreach to bring new teams and people into Zcash. Outreach for:

  • Research that can provide real use cases and demonstrations within Zcash.
  • Early stage zk-proof projects/teams that could provide their novel features or products using Zcash.
  • Strategic markets and users who would benefit from Zcash and its privacy preserving features.
  • UX experts who can pinpoint shortfalls that are a hindrance to wider adoption and provide novel short, medium, and long term strategies to fix these.

In light of ECC recent restructuring I’d also like to take a deep look into ECC and ZF strategies and identify any underlying gaps in funding that ZCG may be able to help out with as part of ZCG’s strategic plan. With Cody’s departure ZCG loses a valuable technical resource which I hope I can replace. As ZCG takes on more responsibilities, I hope my technical skills can also ease the burden of other ZCG members by leaning into my technical skills and easing/assisting with any required transfer of knowledge or skills between ECC and ZCG as projects may be required to shift to RFP based funding.

Thanks for your time reading this :heart:.