Explorer is broken - transactions stalled for hours

It appears that account information is not populating with transaction information from each block. The block will show the transactions and the proper addresses, however when you go into the address to view the transaction, no data is available. This isn’t happening on every block or every transaction, but here’s an example:


This is block # 417974 - which has 12 transactions. One of (I haven’t checked them all, this is just random selection) transactions is for address t1VXcPZyNaKnqZ3yQrE8sYrhDHpXVXBBT5K in the amount of 256.29551711 ZEC. When you go into that same wallet though:


It says there are no transactions for this address. I presently have a transaction that has 79 confirmations but because the wallet utilizes this explorer, the transaction has not completed on my end and I don’t have my funds (3.5 hours later)

Good luck!


Looks like a bug with that implementation as this Insight explorer sees the address correctly: https://zcashnetwork.info/address/t1VXcPZyNaKnqZ3yQrE8sYrhDHpXVXBBT5K.

Can you update your wallet to point to this above explorer?

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I’ve sent the info on to Atomic Wallet to see if they can point it at that one. Thank you for the response!

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this one IS supported by a Zcash Foundation Grant and hardware paid for by flypool, so its the closest thing to an “official” one there is :slight_smile:

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and I’m not sapling ready yet because of an Insight api bug that prevents the block list from loading (same issue as on the testnet explorer)

transactions load, individiual blocks and things searched by hash work…but its a slog until Sapling tomorrow rn

Its the explorer, shows invalid info for mine too on that one but correct on zcha.in (whereas it was correct last night)
Its showing 100% negative value of total recieved so maybe its redownloading the chain?

So is the zcash blockexplorer still not working properly? I cannot see any information about my address on there, but I can on the zchain explorer as well as the zcashnetwork.info sight @garethtdavies linked. I’m mining from flypool and the address that is shown on the flypool dashboard links me to the zcash block explorer which shows 0 transactions, but everything has been coming to my winzec wallet just fine.