Transaction appears on BlockExplorer and Minergate, but not or Insight?

I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies for a little while, and have performed many transactions with ZEC and other currencies. I’m familiar with how to check status of transactions.

I was recently transferring some ZEC, and was checking on for status, but nothing was coming up at all. The sending app was showing it all went through with 60+ confirmations, and still nothing on So I check Insight, nothing there…

Then I look for alternatives to read the blockchain and finally found the transaction on both Minergate and BlockExplorer, just as it shows on the sending app, complete with 60+ confirmations.

How is it possible that different blockchain readers seem to have different block info?
This was for a transaction originating over 3 hours ago.

Also concerning, the ZEC hasn’t shown up on the other end… although that could just be a system delay at the exchange I am sending to.

Zchain is having daemon issues, the displayed data will be out of date at the moment.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have a fix. For now, I suggest using other explorers.

Thank you for the response.

Just recently the transaction has gone through to the destination, so I am glad there were no actual issues with the funds transfer.

did it show up on ???

and if not what is the tx id, as I’d like to poke around if that’s the case

Zchain issue fixed; apparently when a node crashes due to a deprecated version it wipes the data directory on restart? A bit counterintuitive.