Fastest CPU miner right now?

Hei there!

I’ve got a bunch of root servers with i7-2600k CPUs which come with free electricity. I want to let them run some zcash miner, just for the sake of fun. I know, the hashrate can not be compared to GPUs anymore, but still a few more Sol/s is nice.

I was browsing the forums and Google for a while now, but I can’t find any good details on CPU miners.

Which ones are available right now that perform quite good?
My servers are running on Linux btw.

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Nicehash nhequminer is by far most effective with cpu by now.

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You think about the nheqminer?

Cool, nheqminer doubled the Sol/s from 13 to 26 compared to an early version of it.
Looks solid. :tada:

Hashrate went up to 32 Sol/s. Hehe. ^^

Just curious is this v4 ?

Looks like 0.4b

Can’t see a version note for linux. But the Windows binary biulds are 0.4b

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Cal be build on linux. Just see readme.

How did you go from 26 sols to 32 sols with 2600K? What’s your RAM configuration? Any extra config?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Just a plain hosted root server with Debian 7. 64 GB RAM.
It just took a few minutes to get the Sols top out.

Can you paste here the output of the following command to see your RAM config in that server? I’m really curious, only reached 32 sols with i7 6700K.

lshw -c memory

Sure, here you go. Sol/s dropped a bit, but there is other stuff going on on the server like TeamSpeak, Forums and a Minecraft server.

does that v4 need to be used on nicehash with a BTC address? or can it be used on a pool to mine ZEC directly?

v4.0 can be used anywhere

I run it against Suprnova.

nheqminer 0.4b on a core i5 4690K -t 4 (4 threads) = 18-19 sol

I believe you but I don’t know how you get 32 sol/s with a 2600k.

I have a 2500k oc @ 4 ghz with 2 * 16 gb 2133mhz memory and I only have 21 sol/s with lastest nicehash version

maybe quad channel ram

So I downloaded the latest windows builld of nheqiminer here. After extracting it I run the benchmark and after it starts the program just crashes. I am on an i7-2600k only. Any know what the problem is?

these rates are with the cpu or silentarmy compilation?

thanks, ill try it out

Could you advise me, when building a rig like your 6 rx 470’s with Z97 Gaming 5, if I can’t afford to get Intel Core i7-4790K for simultaneous cpu mining (while trying to get something relevant for future), would it be worth $180 to get Intel Core i5-4690K or should i just save the money and get a Intel Pentium G3258 or Celeron G1840.
Thanks for all your info!