CPU Miner.... wheres it at homies

gents where is the CPU miner ?

anyone got a windows running one ? or linux

CPU and GPU (Nvidia)
Windows and Linux
Suprnova pool support (forked nicehash miner)

Yesterday I compiled the Zcash 1.0.0-rc4 miner on my ubuntu system (succesfully).
But I keep seeing other type of miners e.g. nheqminer etc. What is the difference ?
And can we also mine with the Zcash version, in suprnova or nicehash pools ?

anyone esle using this one ?

whats the hash rates

Hi , My i7 6950x gets 65 S/s to 70 S/s , i think CPU mining is very good for zcash compare to my GTX 1080 have 21 S/s

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Have you got a step by step of what you used?

I would love more information please?

Which software, how many thread you using, how much ram etc.


okay , i used this miner for supernova: CPU + GPU miner available (Windows): Release 0.2a · ocminer/nheqminer · GitHub

exemple start.bat: nheqminer -cd 0 -u user.worker -p x

-cd : enable cuda mining .
-t0 : for GPU Mining only .

hi , i have 64GB ram , i7 6950x , GTX1080 ,it’s a game dev computer :smile: and the CPU is using 19 threads.

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this is my hashrate



It’s 70H/s with the 1080 not only the CPU is my guess :wink:

i tested the CPU only . without "-cd "

Damn son!

Im getting 21h/s on a 3930K
17.7 H/s on i5 6500
16.8 H/s on a i7 3630QM

Can you link me to the repo ?

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I might be running the old version on the 3930K.


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anytime , happy mining :smile:

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I think thats an update from the last one I had.

Thanks for the info.

Can you tell me what temp you CPU gets? Mine was gettin 80 - 90.

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is about 59 - 65 , with water cooling

I really appreciate your detailed replies, thank you.

I was not using -cd , I will give that a go this time around.

Now I am thinking of holding off the first few days to see if CPU mining can really take off. Might put off buying GPU’s for now.

Thanks again.

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Actually just a couple more questions please if you have the time.

1 - How much ram is actually being used when you run the miner for CPU.

2 - Water cooled CPU is all your using? No need for any other fans etc to keep the CPU from over heating?

3 - Are you using all threads and is it OC ?

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