CPU performance


Somebody Know the performance of an intel I7 6700K overclocked 4,2GHz ??


Probably 20~25 Sols/s, you need to test it


Its good :wink: thank you


Im not sure, you need to test it, on my I5-2310 @2.9GHz i get ~10.5Sols/s


I will get this CPU tomorrow so ill test it and post the perf but im little bit curious :slight_smile:


what is the test command line? also should zcash be running during test?


Just install and compil zcash and nheqminer and go to some pool like suprnova...


I have this same processor, I'm getting 26 Sols/s on it using nheqminer.


any instructions for noobs to test h/s?


I have one its 23 sols , using nice hash, for comparison a i7 6800 is 28 sols