Feasibility of Zcash Sidechained with Ethereum

First of all, congratulations for the amazing work and team that you are building, I´m part of a group of enthusiast from the south of Spain that we are following closely this project since the beginning.

I would like to know if there is a roadmap of the Zcash project to be sidechained with other major Blockchains like Ethereum. A SPV client of Ethereum inside Zcash? A SPV Zcash of client inside Ethereum?

Would Ethereum contracts could use the power of Zcash to achieve privacy on their state data?

Any thoughts about this topic are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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I love this idea! I intend to write a blog post about it for Blog - Electric Coin Company - Electric Coin Company soon. Spoiler: http://btcrelay.org is the first mechanism we should look at, because it is already completed and operational as a link between Ethereum and Bitcoin, and it would be relatively straightforward to port it to Zcash. Other mechanisms are cool too, in different ways, but I think the others are further out.

Muchas gracias Zooko =) , I’m really happy that you are taken this technology into account for Zcash. Joseph Chow is the lead developer of Btcrelay, it could be worth to talk with him about ZcashRelay. Again, congratulations to build a project of this scope.