February 7, 2020 - Weekly Forum Update

Happy Friday friends!

Here are the latest updates from ECC:

  • ECC released a new update to zcashd 2.1.1-1. It includes a soft-fork change to the consensus rules to address a security vulnerability.

  • Don’t miss Foundation latest update

  • There’s an open call for community editors to the zcashcommunity.com page.

  • Dates to remember

    • Thurs, 2/13 thru Sat 2/15 - ECC will be at ETH Denver, come say hi!
    • Tues, 2/18 - ECC Live Stream, registration link coming soon
    • Tues, 2/25 - February Zeal call, register here
  • Community Shout Outs - This new section is to celebrate and highlight the contributions to Zcash made by folks outside of ECC. Ping me if you have suggestions for next week.

    • Shout out to @rex and @zshielded - thanks for engaging with merchants and sharing what you learned.
    • Shout out to everyone who participated in the #z2zchain. Keep it up y’all!
    • Shout out to @minezcash and Eric for maintaining zcashcommunity.com and contributing new content.

This week in privacy, Stephen King quits Facebook. Anonymized data is less anonymous than we thought according to research from students at Harvard University.

I recently learned about Brave using ZK proofs to combat ad fraud and detect bots. A few other good reads/ interesting links that I stumbled upon include how the way we talk about consent is flawed, opsec makeup tutorials and this video from philosophy tube.

In crypto, AZTEC, a much anticipated privacy project on Ethereum launched. Zcash got lots of love this week, especially as it relates to our governance process. Check out what Muneeb (Blockstack), Burniske (Placeholder) and Ryan (Messari) had to say. Jameson Lopp posted his findings from node syncing across several projects (Zcash, Monero, Geth, Parity).