March 13, 2020 - Weekly Forum Update

Here are the latest updates from ECC:

  • Zcash was the top currency for The Giving Block’s Women’s Day crypto campaign
  • Zcon2 has been canceled due to public health concerns
  • Mark your calendar for Tues, 3/31: March Zeal Call, special guests Aditya and Least Authority will join us!
  • Community Shout Outs - Thanks to @oxarbitrage @gladcow for several good community PRs this week

DevInfra Team

  • The framework for CHAOSS Dashboard is in place to provide community metrics via GrimoireLab (continuing to collect data for requested metrics)
  • Created initial metrics toolbox for collecting zcash on-chain and off-chain data (blocksci, pandas, jupyter, bokeh, grafana shared panels)
  • Completed audit and majority of Infrastructure repo cleanup

Core Team

  • Work on Heartwood continues! ZIP 213 (Shielded Coinbase) implementation and documentation complete and ZIP 221 (FlyClient) is merged. These ZIPs will activate when Heartwood activates - which will happen later this year.
  • Librustzcash integrated into zcash/zcash repository
  • Sean and Daira recorded an episode on the Zero Knowledge podcast
  • Sean recorded a course about SNARKs and Zcash as part of Dan Boneh’s Stanford online course

Wallet Team

  • iOS zECC team release, with logging, zaddrs, send, receive, backup, and restore
  • iOS demo app documentation up on github, API auto-generating documentation coverage complete and set to be deployed to RTD in a way that it updates every release
  • Backend and UI work to add taddrs to the wallet
  • Lightwalletd: stress testing complete, baseline on resource requirements and scalability

This week in privacy, WHO encourages digital payments in light of COVID-19. EFF released several good privacy stories this week: Redditor wins the right to stay anonymous, tech lobbyists push bad privacy laws, EARN IT bill is a threat to encryption. Slate reports on two companies trying to pit free speech against privacy.

In crypto news, US congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) introduced the Cryptocurrency Act of 2020. I recently discovered ZK Mesh newsletter from @Mikerah and Anna from Zero Knowledge. Check it out!


Hi Elenita, can you point me to more info on this? I’m interested in any new tools for analyzing this data. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello! I don’t believe the project is ready to share publicly yet but let me ask!

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Understood. Sounds really interesting.