Few questions about ZCash

Behind this link is short survey about ZCash


I’m curious, what are you looking to learn from these questions?

Maybe a business prospectus on how and for whom to target, cointelegraph has been floating around here too
Edit- yeah they identify your demographic and determine whether or not there’s any potential future business with you, and then let you tell them why so they can come up with a business plan against the the accumulative disinterest with whatever, most likely bitmain will be mentioned alot so theyll probably rebrand? Idk

I do not ask for anything special but my curiosity I ask, and then I put the information here when I get enough answers.
Im not doing this for anyone or anybody except myself.

I can delete this post if its inappropriate.

Im tiny miner with 3+3 GPU´s thats all.

I don’t have an issue with it, I was just wondering what the results would tell you.

You have a gap in choices at Q1. You have 20 to 30 and 40 to 50, but no 30 to 40 option.