Beginner Mining Questions

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I knew about Zero Cash since the summer and was planning to mine. Uni got in the way and I also don't have any space in my flat to have tons of servers which need to be assembled. I study computer science in uni but I don't know anything about hardware or where I'd put the servers. I was thinking about paying one of those places like Toomim because I'm so lost about the whole thing but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I really want to get started but I just need some advice. Thanks everybody

Just start.

ZECs are only worth mining on GPUs. Currently NVIDIA does that better than AMD.

The most cost effective mining card is GTX 1070. Very high output, very moderate power consumption.

The best two mining applications are Nicehash EQM and EWBF - both have discussion threads here.

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Thanks for your help. I've seen the growth so there's really no excuse not to start but I guess I was mainly concerned with me not knowing how to make a server. Now that you've given me a starting point it's easier to begin and I really appreciate that so thank you.

I will tell you that cloud mining contracts (Hash flare, Genesis, toomim) are typically not profitable and I would strongly advise against investing in them.

You should check out the YouTube Channels of "IMineBlocks", "Cryptomined", and "Buried ONE Blockchain".

EDIT: Guntis Vitalins has some great build videos too.

I actually have some GPUS I'm selling if you're interested as well as a power supply.

If you have anymore questions or concerns please feel free to PM me and I'll help as best I can!

Hey arrkain, thanks for your help. I was going to cloud mining but I won't anymore. I was also going to PM you and can't bc I'm so new :smiley: I was looking at the videos from the various people and thought that Cryptomined's "How To Build a 7 GPU Mining Rig for ZCash" seems to be the easiest to figure out (would you agree?), though I'm not great at physically building things. Which would you suggest to follow? I'm not going to be using my own electricity (it's too expensive within the UK) so power consumption isn't the biggest problem. Cryptomined's video says to use Nitros which you are selling, but why are they better than GTX 1070? Thanks again!

AMD is generally better supported for mining. While it it possible to mine with NVidia cards, AMD is more universal. All miners support AMD, but NVivia miners are more niche. RX 400 series are by far the go-to and typically the standard for mining GPU coins just because of their power efficiency and lower upfront cost than a 1070. I personally wouldn't bother with a 7GPU rig. I would start with a 6 card rig so you get the hang of it, then you can expand with a 3 to 1 PCIe extender later down the line.

Cryptomined and Guntis have the best build videos. And they all pretty much follow the same roadmap. H81 Pro BTC mobo, G1840 Celeron CPU, 4-8GB RAM, 6 RX 400 series', 60-120GB SSD, 1000-1300W PSU

As of right now I still have 2 GPUs, a frame, and a 1300 PSU for sale. Cheaper than you'd get at a store :wink: