How should I start getting in to Z-Cash mining?

Hello, I am wondering what I will need to get full immersed within Z-Cash mining and if it is still profit.

What is the best Mining program out there at the moment?
What should my build be for the current best?(i will start with less GPUS slowly investing more)
What is the best pool out at the moment?

And any advice you are able to give!

I appreciate any help I am able to get!
Thank you all and have a great day!

Claymore or Optiminer
AMD rx470 rx 480
Asrock pro bitcoin
All information is available here,time to do some research

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I appreciate the fast response!

No problem always happy to help :smile:

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I’ve been looking at your investment farm post and you said you are getting 4000 s/s with 20 devices so each card is looking at 200 s/s is there anyway to see how much income that averages out to in an hr/day?

This is before electric costs

It varies but at the moment with difficulty high it’s around 3.5 zcash a week

That is per card correct?

Lol no for 4000 s/s all cards

oh haha okay! did you start with a 6 gpu rig when you started, or just a couple of gpus?

Yeh started with 6 and have been building up from there

it’s nice to see that you’ve managed to build the farm you have from just starting at 6! It is inspiring and makes me feel like i can achieve it too!

I believe zcash will be worth a lot in a few years and I am holding in the hope I can get a good return later, I want to build a big farm as that’s where the real money is

At your current rate of s/s you must be able to get a new rig up and running in about 6-8 weeks

Yes it is fun and it’s possible to build up a good size farm if you are serious

Yes I have nano s hardware wallet and store zcash, bitcoin and ether there for safety

At first i am just going to do a 6 gpu rig and see how that goes, if it gets more serious i might consider getting a place building lease and start going for it and get the business electric price. Would love to be able to own my own version of a Chinese BitCoin farm but with z-cash.

That’s what I am looking to do myself and there will always be coins to mine with AMD cards so it cut down on the risks,zcash is very popular and since slow start finished big farms have turned to it, only way to keep earnings is to keep investing in hardware

how long do you think it will be till hobbyist’s can’t mine for profit anymore? I am aiming to have the 6 gpu set up by February next year, but i am concerned i will be to late

It will depend on price of zcash and your electric costs and difficulty at that time, zcash is just starting and you should calculate earnings before making investment, I buy latest generation cards and factor in resale value when making decisions, I believe zcash has a good chance of competing with bitcoin prices but only time will tell