Findora Announcement

This seems like more validation for privacy though there are many others significantly smarter than I to comment on Findora on this forum. Thoughts?


In the article it is claimed that

Findora’s research team created the “bulletproofs” technology used on Monero.

However, a Monero dev questions that claim.

What’s the truth of the matter?


Article has plenty of fluff, but not much substance.

And their GitHub repo is … uh … sparse ?


I remember listening to this podcast a while back Episode 139: Findora with Benedikt Bunz and Ben Fisch - ZK Podcast and so I guess the link there is Benedikt Bunz who was the lead author on the Bulletproof paper and in the intro there is listed as “the Head of Research”.


Interesting. Bunz isn’t listed as a contributor or anything on their website About page.

I searched for Bunz on their website, but only came up with this cached blog post, which has apparently been deleted.

EDIT: I found the Wayback Machine archive of the blog post from April of this year, so it must have been deleted since then. It says, in part:

Catch our founding team members and researchers Ben Fisch and Benedikt Bunz, as well as our senior advisor Professor Dan Boneh, at their August 19th talk: Batching Techniques for Accumulators with Applications to IOPs and Stateless Blockchains.

So maybe Bunz was a founder, but has left.


Yeah, nice find and that makes sense, and likely explains the confusion.