🔥 🔥 🔥 Speed Test Results EWBF0.3.4b - DSTMzm0.6 - bminer5.4 - ccminer_tpruvot_54be47

Here is screenshot of one day test result on flypool. I named workers with their miner programs:

Note: Current hashes are looking unlogical, because I stopped miners, and after, values were being weird by time.
And here is how I created this terminal output :sunglasses:

Currently, all of them are their latest versions.
I compiled ccminer on my rig.

  • 3x not overclocked DUAL-GTX1060-O3G
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Nvidia Driver 384.111,
  • cuda 8.0 with cublas-performance-update,
  • Processor isn’t important but i3-7100.
  • On nvidia-smi output, it was showing only 3 miner

Note: I closed ccminer after first hours because of low performance, and opened ewbf, maybe I should try ewbf more but I think it isn’t necessary.

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i am using ewbf miner and getting around 160 h/s with my 1050 ti oc . should i use bminer?

I suggest dstm instead. All of their source code is closed. Someone should do better test like this. I’m gonna do but I don’t have time for now. Flypool is good because it shows average hashrate. You can perform a test with three of them. for example, mine with one of them for 2 days, then try the other one for 2 days. And see which one fits to your system.

thanks. i will try dstm. i am using nanopool though. dstm charges 2% dev fee also.

I did a very small test between EWBF and DSTM 0.6 . For me, its DSTM

For me it is DSTM > EWBF as well. DSTM stays at around 10 Sol/s per card more over EWBF.
Nevertheless DSTM is not as stable as EWBF. I got a little python script restarting the miner on a cudaMemcpy error from a kind member of dstm’s bitcointalk threat.

I run 13 1060 3g in one rig. Currently I switched 6 of them (the slowest @ZEC) over to ethminer.
ZEC cards run at ~285 Sol/s @77W (GPU+ 190 MHz)
ETH cards run at ~21 MH/s @70W (Memory +350 MHz)

I have no idea wether the memories are Hynix, Samsung or Micron.
Linux Ubuntu 14.04 Kernel 4.4.0-31
Another kernel (I think it was 4.4.0-116) was not working since nvidia-smi was not able to speak to the driver - huge pain to get it back working as a non linux pro…

Nice, I use linux even on personal laptop for 5 years, and working with linux at office, but even for me, those things are hard and takes hours to make it work good and save itself on bad cases like electricity cut or restarting. Currently my DUAL-GTX1060-O3Gs are showing 290~305 Sols on stock settings. But I didn’t try ETH with this rig before. Which miner are you using for ETH?

Thanks. Its name is simply ethminer ethminer@github.

Starting as:

Aww sorry, I didn’t see the overclock values between parenthesis :smiley: I’ve used ethminer too. My cards were running at 16 MH/s on stock settings.

I don’t prefer overclocking, I tried overclocking with ASUS GPU Tweak on other SSD which has Windows, and I got better hashrates, but I also calculated profit, It wasn’t worth it. I will sell my cards for a good price to Gamers if I use them well :smiley: And cutting its power and increasing the clocks is really bad for the card. But if it’s okay with you, ofc your choice. And I congratulate you about overclocking on linux, because it’s really hard to find correct options; like driver, cuda version, kernel version or something, which you’ve already faced with :smiley: :+1: