ash rates vs mine ewbf hash rates

Hey guyz,

I’m in still learning mining situation.

I!am using ewbf miner latest version for zcash mining with 3Xgtx 1070 (msi).

My ebf miner shows between 460-480 sol/s each. with the %2 dev fee decrease i should see 1370 around at least. But my hash rate drops to 1100 occasionaly. I have realised that when the share difficulty changes it directly affects my hash rate in think increase of the share difficulty results with the increase of the hash rate.

As far as i know we can enter difficulty level in ewbf miner after --pass . What should i do.

Should i leave it blank or should i enter an average share difficulty matches in

Thanks in advance.

It’s entirely dependent on the pool whether they allow you to set your own difficulty. Even setting your own difficulty won’t change hashrate fluctuation fully. That’s why most pool’s show you an average hashrate. You should pay more attention to that average than anything else really, unless there’s a specific problem where a GPU is giving much lower hashrate or shares etc.

Ok than what i understand in mining in 3 days;

1 - Find a specific software which is optimized for your gpu. Sİnce i have nvidias and 440 sol/s is approx and im getting more than 470-480 sol/s each. I can say that it’s achieved.

2 - Find a pool. Since luck is very variable to find the blocks, average daily income means nothing. Maybe you find 6 blocks in a day but pool is giving you less. But what is important, the average hash rate, lets say in a day, is matching with your software? and is share calculations reasonable depending on average hash rate of you / pools hash rate.

I can say that, i find honest as a pool but i will track and sitch toanother pool if my shares does not change . ( right no pool hash 247MH/s, my share rate 1262, and estimated earning 0.00654).

If any pool suggestions you have, you are welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the fast response again my friend.

You’re using EWBF so yes, you’ve already got the best miner for your hardware :slight_smile:

The average hashrate will be close to what you’re seeing in your miner but there are too many variables so it won’t be literally the same. That’s why it’s an “average”.

There are plenty of pool’s to choose from. My recommendation would be to try a few and stick to the one you like best. :slight_smile:

Hey there guys!,
Well I agree on EWBF being the best miner for cuda as I have 3 1080’s and a average (displayed on miner) of 1700-1720.
What I still don’t quite understand is the shares thing. I read on bitcointalk forum that the more speed one has the more the diff is, meaning that (depending on pool) they will rise the difficulty because you have enough hardware to deal with it and thus your reward will be bigger…
But then I see my dashboard on suprnova showing an average hashrate and income depending on my share rate which is…I don’t know but seems not good to me. I see the accepted shares come like one every 10 secs or more some times.
When I start the miner shares are like light speed but then they slow down a lot, and I have another pc which is not for mining but I use it to make up fot when the miner stops due to bad settings(oc and such) or internet problems and I have a amd card with 3 times less sol/s than my rig but way more share rate than the first mentioned.

Is there anything wrong?

My mining rig runs on win 10 (because I don’t have a dvd drive there and the system wouldn’t alloe me to install win 7 fron usb due to “driver not found” lame error)

My pc with amd vga runs on win 7

I also was using with ewbf for my 3 msi 1070 gtx. approx 1,2 Ksols. ANd also since the has less miners approx 4 blocks in a day. sometimes decreases to 2 sometimes increases to 8 depending on the luck. I change to flypool. I can not say its better exactly but now my hash rate is min 1.3ksol to 1.4 ksol and very steady. the only differenece with flypool that you can give the differenece varant by your self. my setting is 14000 ( password area). which means lesser come and go for submits, increases the hash rates. alss you should check pools geo-location for servers. if it is too far,it means too much bad hash rates. since difficulty rises my total zec income falls to between 0,50zec-0,68zec in a month.

You can not make a healthy calculation in supernove since there are not many miners, luck affects everything.

I’ve decided to stay at suprnova at least unti I reach 1 Zec. Luckily I’m very close to doing it.
Once I get there I will probably try another pool. It’s taking me more than expected to reach 1 Zec so it must be because of the luck factor you mention.
I will try flypool then and see what happens, so far so good I understood that one’s share rate depends on the diff associated to the rig in question .

Thank you!!