Suprnova Hashrate not accurate?

Hello. I recently started mining with my gtx1080 by using the EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner with a Suprnova pool. I consistenly get 470-500 solutions/seconds on the miner, but on suprnova my hashrate is around 300 most of the time? Sometimes there are spikes to 470 on suprnova but i dont undersand why the hashrate fluctuates so strongly even though it never gets below 470 on the miner? Does flypool or other pools also have this problem? I aprreciate any help!

Not the first.
A lot of the stats on supr have of late begin to make me question the overall quality of this pool.
I've seen at times their pool stats fetched in JSON form show efficiency at -90 whilst the web app itself shows 95 and the earnings for one hour subtract by .01 zec after a single page refresh 3 seconds later :confused:

Would you recommend switching pools? I also saw posts about incorrect hashrates on flypool.

Upto you. Going to switch some of the smaller ZEC rigs over to coinmine next week and see if the estimated calculations based on rets per round play out. Feel free to join or let me know if you have success elsewhere.

With the larger rigs (50k) I go with flypool, but for the others below, it's not worth it.

why isn't it worth it to join flypool with a small rig?

Its the most popular miner pool with the most workers and mines the most blocks, but as its the largest out there, payouts per round are less due to higher participant count.
Being in the top 50 it's less noticeable seeing as you're yielding hundreds of thousands of capital per day but if you're small fish, it's going ot make a noticeable difference.