Flypool 2300 sol/s but only 168 shares?

I was testing out flypool, I have 2300 sol/s on my rig. After 2 hours, flypools dashboard said I had submitted 168 shares. Yet in my mining software, it showed roughly 30 shares a minute, normally on other bools Im around 2400 shares an hour. I was not getting any rejected shares at all. They all were showing accepted.

Can someone explain why this might happen?

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As I know, shares also depends on good internet connection .

H/s and shares are not equal

one of my rigs avg. is 3,200 H/s and is usually around 248 shares… as the difficulty increases and decreases so will shares decrease and increase.

The other pools you were on, probably have a lower difficulty level or a lot less people mining there which is why your shares were larger.

Payout wise, run each on for 3 days and look at results.

I think I figured it out, it appears that the shares it shows on the top are for only 10 minutes. I also noticed, the section that shows shares does not seem to update often.