Why Sols/s low on Flypool?

i had almost total 250 Sols/s, but around 160 - 200 Sols/s on Flypool dashboard.
rig1. about 200 Sols/s

rig2. about 50 Sols/s


I'm not suggesting they stealing hashes, but the income and the hashrate for my miners, also the stability on flypool is highly questionable for this little while.

I made one of my 45 CPUs mine with 2 instances of 4 threads, and it gave me half the S/s per instance, 8 S/s each for the constant total of 16 S/s, as expected. But it appears to have made my total flypool S/s drop by 40 S/s even while my miners say nothing has changed.

They said they do not record my stale rejected shares as rejected because my miner is not behaving correctly (and it probably is, although nanopool did not think so). Makes me wonder what constitutes a rejected share instead of just making your S/s drop.

Someone else has stated their miners say a lot higher S/s than flypool is calculating from the accepted shares as a result of a small change to their system.

So be sure to check what your miners say and compare to what flypool records.

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I left flypool for nanopool a week ago because of these issues and flypool caused my miners to lock up.

yeah i also see smaller hashrate than i have.

i thought they just count wrong not that they steal anything ?

Flypool is a scam.

They take 2 days to get your hashrate up to par with your miner software but as soon as the miner drops or you move to another pool they dont credit you shares.

Are you sure about that? Do you have any specific facts? Which pool do you recommend?

This is the second time I have moved away from Flypool.

I have been pointing a lot of hashpower to them. It took 1 whole day to get my hashrate close to what my mining software was outputting.

I was getting shares based on what Flypool was showing not what my miner was showing.

1 day to get my actual hashrate and full shares
10 minutes to go to zero... go figure.

0 shares since I have moved away... again go figure

I don't want to recommend anyone.. Im fed up with this shit and will go Solo when something gets released

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@trolloniex zmine certainly seemed legit to me. 3 issues, they aren't feature rich (don't think you can separate by rig yet and other slights), not many mine there so the hashrate is low, and the biggie, the admin is MIA. Zmine actually went offline for 24 hours with no contact then came back online still with no contact. Sort of predictable given the 3-8ksol/s hashrate of late. I doubt zmine earns much so incentive to stay on top of it is probably low.

So that's bad, though negligence is easier to fix than a scam IMO. If you're thinking of running your own private pool anyway, it might be less work to partner with zmine (if you could actually reach @razakal) and you get the stability that comes with broader mining. Plus the warm feelings that come from helping little 10sol/s dufuses like me have a place to mine (dufuses who would also offset the costs of running the pool). Someone like you + some rebranding would inspire confidence from a lot of miners looking for a good pool and that low hashrate would take care of itself.

Just a thought.

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the website isnt updated on the fly, so yes of course your sol rate may be different. obviously if you've had down time, stopped mining to install a newer miner etc.

Not updated on the fly for your hashrate when you start submitting shares, it takes up to 24hrs to show correct hashrate. But when your miner goes down it shows in 5 minutes.... Funny

if thats true then im out of there - switching to nanopool

No honest pools (20 charact)

My hash, shares, and payouts began, and began accurately within 2 hours of my first switching over. It was nanopool that did to me what you're describing, but because of complaints here, I think they went to a shorter-time-period share-calculation method like flypool is now doing.

The things I'm complaining about appear to be just something not working right, not intentional. After I took my 2 buggy CPUs off, they seemed to be very accurate on hash rate. The communication between them and my miner seems fragile, but accurate when it works. Nanopool on the other hands seems to suck all my hash up with no complaints. H/s is high there. But they go down for an hour at a time where things don't look right and my last two days seemed about 25% short on payouts. Again, I see enough buggy stuff in their system that any shortages could be 100% accidental.

I'd trust nanopool more if they were charging 1% and stealing 1% (without me knowing it) rather than charging 0% and stealing 0%. In either case, 1 hour down 3 days in a row is no good.

Now their site is in chinese as it loads, im moving away, anyone have a good solid trustworthy pool to work from like this ?

The largest theft is on FLYPOOL!!!!! They are stealing a lot of shares. DEV, leave home the stories with shares, don't be ridiculous

Flypool has been pretty consistent for me not sure what you guys are talking about

I guess we need to find two identical rigs, and direct one each to Flypool & Nanopool in the same zone - for a week or so (with some up/down time). Then compare the results.