Flypool is much slower than f2pool

I have two GTX 1080 cards, the total speed of them is about 950 Sol/s. I did two experiments:

Any idea why the revenue differs so much?

Flypool have much more miners connected, which means that the amount of shares you submit have less value. In f2pool, there are less people and you shares have more impact, so you get a bigger reward.

I see, thanks. So Big pools have higher probability to find blocks, but have more miners to share the revenue. Small pools are slower to find blocks, but have fewer miners to share the revenue. Am I right?

Sounds right. You can see the relative sizes of the pools here:


F2pool is a completely different type of pool than flypool, or any other pool you’re likely to find. The pool itself absorbs the ups and down of the pool’s “luck”, i.e. you get a consistent payout regardless of whether the pool “luck” is positive or negative, which is why the pool fee (3% for ZEC) is so high, relative to other pools. Therefore, if you compare it to another pool, and that pool’s “luck” is negative at the time, it’s always going to look worse than F2pool. In addition, flypool, just 2 days ago, finally implemented the common “immature payout” scheme that most pools use. Prior to that, payouts were real-time in that you were paid based on blocks that had received 120 confirms. That method had the side effect of miners being able to “see into the future”, since it was already known when the pool had a large number of blocks to payout in a given hour interval. This was causing massive pool hopping, where rented hash was hitting the pool on every big payout hour, then leaving, which diluted the payouts to miners that were on the pool when those blocks were mined. That is no longer the case.

Common sense should tell you that if there was that big a disparity between F2pool and flypool, every ZEC miner would leave flypool and mine on F2pool, and yet flypool has been, by far, the largest ZEC pool almost since day one.

Finally, the logic posted here seems plainly flawed, to me. Of course you receive a smaller portion of the block awards on a large pool compared to a small pool, but a large pool also mines a shitload more blocks per hour/day than a small pool. On a small pool, you are getting a larger proportion of a small pie. On a big pool, you are getting a smaller portion of a big pie. The large pool also has much less variance in the number of blocks it mines per day, compared to a small pool.


On a small pool, you are getting a larger proportion of a small pie. On a big pool, you are getting a smaller portion of a big pie.

I see, thanks for the vivid explanation!

f2pool is in china, dont give them more control… look at what they did to LTC
i live in china and I will never use f2pool… that should tell you something

Oh, I’m not endorsing F2pool in any way. I was just trying to answer the OPs query.

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must be at least 20 char

The fact that they want my phone number to authenticate bothers me

f2pool needs a US location. The latency is a big negative for US-based miners.

that is scary… they want to pull a bo shen

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Love your humour @cryptomined :joy:

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LOL :stuck_out_tongue: thanks
i gotta visit here more often
loving zcash and zclasic

and good to see familiar avatars LOL

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Zclassic fork this month Zen looks quite interesting,check it out @cryptomined

thats what i hear, i need to learn more about it tomorrow.
right now i gotta get rid of this headache and get some sleepy :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the heads up on zen… i keep hearing about it so it must be very important