Updated Results - See Comments - Best Zcash Mining Pool Survey

Out of four responses to my Reddit post, Suprnova is the slight favorite.

Suprnova - 3 mentions and 3 people using
Flypool - 2 mentions, 1 person using, others warned to stay away because of Flypool's possible dominance/size
Slushpool - 1 mention, 1 person using
Dwarfpool - 1 mention, 1 person using (me)

While it's a very good incentive, it's hard to judge and close a poll with 4 votes only.


true and I think it's hard to judge because there are way to many variables

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Results Updated - July 18

Out of 35 responses to my previous post, Suprnova is still the favorite.

Suprnova (35%) - 8 mentions and 6 people using

Flypool (24%) - 10 mentions, 4 people using, others warned to stay away because of Flypool's possible dominance/size

Slushpool (24%) - 4 mentions, 4 people using

Nanopool (12%) - 2 mentions, 2 people using

Dwarfpool (6%) - 1 mention, 1 person using (me)

I might be hijacking a thread a little here but thought relevant.
I have a 970 and a 1080 that has been running for a short while now, but over last week fairly consistently giving me an average daily 0.0242 ish ZEC on slushpool.
I recently set up a Azure N60 as a test and thought well as it is short term will point to flypool.
long story short decided to point 970 and 1080 to flypool to compare.
well divide 0.0242 by 24 and you get hourly rate of 0.001008, but the same on flypool over 6 hours averaged 0.00062 ish. effectively 30% down.

I would have expected if I was doing it over a short period slush would get hurt, on average as often see 8+ hours no coins, but with 6-7 per hour on fly...

anyone else see this kind of difference, certainly from this it means little miners should think twice about regular interim balance updates vs actual payouts.

btw i have NO affiliation with any pool. just an observation and discussion point.

Congrats, guys :slight_smile:
I have recently started ZEC mining on Flypool, but can't help myself being interested in Slush testing... I have read Reddit post and people warn to use Flypool NOT because it is bad pool or less trusted, but because of 51% (not sure if it is problem...). Anyways, I am satisfied with my performance, because... I have nothing to compare with :slight_smile: So, I am going to switch to Slush for approximately a week and compare results. But if smb already has been doing so, please share ur results and conclusions (rig specs would be nice to see).
My rig:
3 * GTX 1080TI Aorus Extreme, EWGA miner, Win10
EWGA miner shows 2180 - 2200 Sol/s
Flypool shows high volatile results, 2080 - 2320 Sol/s with average 2080. Is any1 aware why is that?

By the way, I didn't find comparison of those two pools. What I have found, is these articles about Slush: https://blog.slushpool.com/tagged/zcash. But, what am interested in at the first place is performance and trust, not in oldest pool or nice mobile monitoring

Flypool is not PPS (as Slushpool is). It's PPLNS. That's why you're seeing a difference. The longer you mine on a PPLNS pool, the higher your earnings.

Thanks nekkidtruth, the reason i tried flypool for the azure n60 stuff was that i knew i only had 5 days free usage and thought as such have no idea when it will stop and could effectively waste 8 hours of work.
But did not realise the difference between PPS and PPLNS would be so great. Will do a search to find out more about PPS and try to work out why so many miners that have machines running 24x7 would use it.

I was wrong regarding 51% issue.