Is there a problem in FlyPool?

Is there a problem in FlyPool?

I’m using claymore v6 showing 700 h / s.

Remove %2.5 and %1

Say an average of 650 h / s

My daily payment

calculator 0.13 zec
flypool 0.08 zec

Did you notice that?

Did you mine for 24 hours or more to generate those numbers or are you upscaling from a shorter sample of time?

I have been using it for 2 weeks

(650 you) / (23 M network) x (576 Blocks/day) x (6 ZEC yesterday per block) x (0.98 flypool’s reported “luck”) = 0.095 ZEC per yesterday’s numbers per 650 S/s. This is the present and future of Zcash mining. Maybe another 50% drop in gross revenue coming, giving zero profit for many.

To keep track of the ZEC per block, keep in mind it is rising about 0.3 ZEC per day.

[edit: my original post was in error. He does seem a 15% below what it should be. ]


thanks zawy

Claymor v.6 inflates hash speed a little

Cmd display hash too show :unamused:

Yeap that sounds about right looking at my own ZEC mined per day

A similar question:

If i look into my unpaid balance i saw 0,01 ZEC, but the payout is 0,0082 ZEC
That’s more than 1% and that is more than the transaction-costs.

How can i calculate this?

I was 735 S/s and using the same above math, I got that my payout should have been 0.108. My actual payout in 24 hours was 0.115. Unconfirmed + unpaid balances mess things up a little. They need to be the same at the beginning and end of the 24 hours. To be perfectly accurate you have to use the above math for the time period between each block flypool finds, using the ZEC/block, your S/s, and the network S/s for each block (since the previous block) and add them up. A sum of 200 terms for yesterday.