Run any miner everytime computer boots as silent process (windows tutorial)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I set this up the other day… Allows you to run any miner you want as a backround process only viewable in the process tree ( cntrl alt delete tasl manager ). You can also name it whatever you want so it doesnt look suspicious…

Im not promoting botnets etc but some people may find this beneficial.

If i get some interest i will post up tutorial later and also inlcude a rar zip file for the lazy geeks that will only require you to change one text file as per your mining pool requirements.

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I am IN. :slight_smile:
If possible, share some info regarding the proposed configuration.
Thanks in advance.

We would like to know that

I’ve been having problems with miner windows getting closed because people dont know what they are when they hop on one of my comps LOL. wife, kids :rolling_eyes:
I would love to know how to do this.

EDIT: @tylerdurden, found this on the net. Figured it out on my own, thanks for the offer though!

mine starts even if someone ends process or restarts computer :wink:

tell us how, please we would love to know

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Quick tutorial:

Create a folder on your desktop

Unpack the nheqminer zip file into it and create a batch file with your pool details etc

Download nssm ( google nssm if you dont trust my link:)

Unzip into the nheqminer folder

Copy folder address

Now open a command terminal and type:

Cd “paste address here” and hit enter

With command line open and now pointing to that folder type:

Nssm “whatever you want the process to show as in task manager” “full linke to bat file (just copy folder adress again but type runme or whatever your bat is called”

Hit enter and bobs your uncle its now running but you can only see it in the process tree when loading task manager and displays as whatever you called it.

To remove again. Open command line in the folder and type

Nssm remove “whayever you called it”

P.s move the folder somewhere where people wont see ot obviously

If you get stuck drop me a message.

Im thinking about creating a zip folder that has it all ready to go and all you have to do is put in your bat file ( pool, number of threads etc )

Once done it will run as soon as computer boots up, but in the backround

*** obviously doesnt have to be nheqminer u can use any miner that runs a bat

this obviously shows nssm running in process tree if you want yo make that not show then download free program:

bat file to exe

and convert…

if your feeling craft you can get the source code from nssm

*** make sure you remeber what you call ur nssm process or can be tricky to remove

Thanks for showing this!!

Is there not a way to set up some sort of If Then statement inside the .vbs file to make it restart on its own?

Everything I have found on the net says it takes a 3rd party software, like the one you are describing above.