Former MGRC Candidate, ChileBob

Who am I ?

  • I spent 10 years working for what became a very large Internet provider, back when you had to explain to almost everyone what the Internet was. Yes, I’m that old.

  • I’ve developed hardware, software, worked as sysadmin, project manager, regional sales, network support/operations. Built & managed 24x7 teams for tech support/engineering operations.

  • Spent seven years exploring the Americas on a motorcycle, extreme remote working that killed several laptops. Writing code in beautiful places while surrounded by foreigners and under-banked.

  • Pseudonymous? Sure. I use my real identity sparingly as a choice rather than a necessity. Having said that, ZFnd know who I am, its not a secret & those who really need to know, can.

Why ?

  • I’m at a stage in life where I can spend time doing whatever I want and have time to do so.

  • There are very few projects that capture my attention, Zcash is one of them.

  • I’m invested, involved & committed, have been for several years.

  • According to the forum I’ve visited it on 767 different days (I should get out more). I’m usually here so ask me anything or grep my older posts.

What’s important ?

  • Money only has value when it moves, has more when it moves quickly, even more when it involves many.

  • In the Great Depression the same money existed as before, but nobody spent it. ZEC must move.

  • Buying & selling ZEC must be simple & fast. Easier than paying a power bill and on every phone.

  • Zcash should be the simplest method to buy & sell stuff online. Lets go kill Ebay, then PayPal.

  • MGRC is there to serve & enable, but not to lead.

Conflicts of interest ?

  • I’m on the Community Advisory Panel.

  • I help Ycash, although I’ve never been employed (or paid) by them. I provided a mining pool for their early test forks, help with testing and am an independent advisor.

  • I hold Zcash, Bitcoin & Ycash.


I have added a link to your thread in the top post of the Zcash MGRC Candidates Megathread, Good Luck!


Totally agree with this :+1:t2:

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Awesome life experience, I see Independence with No conflict of Interest and I would be happy to see you on the MGRC.

Id also like to see more focus on online spending, I am very saddened that the NY bros haven’t got their Flexa and SPEDN payment netork into Canada yet, I am signed up and everything I just live north of the 49th parallel so none of the Canadian sides of the business like Bed Bath and Beyond will accept my SPEDN credit payment. If Tim Hortons accepts google pay they would take SPEDN id be willing to bet, and Tim Hortons is how you win Canada. The only business that got to keep its lobbys (with social distancing) open during the covid-19 lockdown, the competition all had to close their doors and bring the food out to the customers car.


From my experience, Tim Hortons is Canada ! Didn’t know they’d managed to stay open.

Online spends are an obvious target, but to really get going several things to merge (awareness, access, wallets) - all that’s starting to happen, exciting times.


They are owned by the Burger King franchise now so it would be a Burger chain and a coffee chain all at once if someone convinced them private transactions were the pay to go.

I pay with cash to avoid making a digital footprint when I spend daily. I have been interested in reducing my digital footprint even further with zcash.


So l’ve decided to withdraw as a candidate for MGRC.

Why? There are some amazing candidates that I would rather support than compete with. They’re people who I’m sure would do an amazing job and that’s what MGRC will need.


Ok, if you are sure, I will remove the link to your thread from the megathread.

Personally I thought you were a good candidate, you do a lot to support the community and are knowledgeable about Zcash, but of course it’s entirely up to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep - I’m sure - but don’t worry, I’m still here & will carry on doing what I do !


Tim Hortons is how you win Canada