Potential MGRC candidates

A thought came through my mind: whom would you like to see part of MGRC who haven’t announced yet - seriously? Sometimes great candidates don’t show explicit intent, sometimes needs reaching out to them if we believe they are perfect (like hiring any exec at a company).


Not a doubt, @ttmariemia and @boxalex

I think @ChileBob, @Autotunafish, @prestwich and @JamesTodaroMD would be exceptionally strong as candidates if they wanted to serve on the MGRC each bringing a selection of powerful unique skills.

My picks are biased, because I know these people and have interacted with them. Oh, and @mlphresearch but they are sort of running anyway.


I was for a while, but there are candidates who I think could do a better job than me so withdrew.

Still here & as involved as ever, there are many ways to help out :slight_smile:


Thanks for thinking of me :slightly_smiling_face: I will not be applying for a position on the MGRC. I will still contribute to the zcash ecosystem in other ways when possible. I’ll echo @acityinohio here:

Simply put, mutual trust was irreparably lost. Since I view it as unlikely that the ECC’s top leadership would ever change (or that the structure of power would meaningfully change at any successor organization), I instead chose to leave


I agree with this!

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Thanks @mistfpga, I’ve considered announcing my candidacy but also felt that there were other more suitable applicants (such as yourself) that would merit the role.

I’ll think it over. Thank you for thinking of me.