FPGA making a comeback? Mining Alt coins?

Heard a story about FPGA being redesigned and used to mine eth zec and others. Unlike ASIC they can be reprogrammed and retasked easily. So is Bitmain deployed some new generation of FPGA?
This is from wiki:

"Xilinx claims that several market and technology dynamics are changing the ASIC/FPGA paradigm:[25]

Integrated circuit development costs are rising aggressivelyASIC complexity has lengthened development timeR&D resources and headcount are decreasingRevenue losses for slow time-to-market are increasingFinancial constraints in a poor economy are driving low-cost technologies

These trends make FPGAs a better alternative than ASICs for a larger number of higher-volume applications than they have been historically used for, to which the company attributes the growing number of FPGA design starts (see History).[25]

Some FPGAs have the capability of partial re-configuration that lets one portion of the device be re-programmed while other portions continue running."