Free Cloud Miner Stats for Linux

Download the Cloud Agent from
Requires python, claymore or ewbf or dstm miner. See readme install at
Example stats

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run your script but no my data show on
only show below info . Is you rig two gtx1066?

click add miner and enter your-ip-number-gtx1066 then you will be able to see your stats on the road

Is this open source? Can we see the code?

Yes. It is all python. Basically reads the stats from the api of claymore, dstm or ewbf and uploads it to a cloud web interface

I plan to use your code build a local arduino monitor😃

Sounds good. Code is open source

Ah, so it requires the api to be enabled for it to work. I have those disabled to skip any performance hit.

Yes, the miner api must be enabled. It is read once per minute, and data uploaded for access at (no registration needed)

New version with bugfixes for ccminer and claymore. Support for fan speed data.