Fullstack dev looking for teams / grant suggestions

Hi all,

I am a Brooklyn-based fullstack dev - Ruby / Rails / Node / React / React Native / Redux / Thunk. Recently launched Zdash.info - a Zcash analytics dashboard. Would love to continue in the Zcash ecosystem. Interested to hear about / chat with community members and teams about potential grants that my skills could contribute to.





Glad that you want to continue working in the ecosystem. Some ideas on top of my head:

  • Zecpayserver: Btcpayserver for shielded z-addr.
  • A community website for roadmap discussion: Kialo but without the focus on pros v cons, rather focus on long-form discussion for the potential roads that the protocol can take.
  • Zcashd UI with focus on Key Management and Payment Disclosure. Currently normies won’t be able to use these features of zcashd.



Fantastic - thank you for the ideas.

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Lots of opportunities listed:


i think that the ZECpayserver idea is very much needed. & I specifically mentioned that in my MGRC candidacy post. BTCpayserver is one of the most important projects in the Bitcoin space that enables merchant adoption, allows for donations, etc…

if that is something that you are interested in @elliotblanchard i suggest looking here first…


No need to build from scratch as BTCpayserver can be tweaked to support Zcash. But as stated in the site “Adding a new coin explicitly depends on the community and developers of those coins.”


Hi Elliot! Thanks for starting this discussion!

@gmale and @bradmiller — I remember one of you mentioning that a React Native mobile SDK was on your wishlist, for facilitating Zcash shielded adoption in multi-currency mobile wallets. Is that still helpful?


There would be a decent amount of overlap between something like that and what @adityapk00 has created for zecwallet lite. Perhaps there would be room for us all to collaborate on additional tooling that makes Zcash easier to use within the JavaScript ecosystem.


Love to help if there’s a way I can add value. I’ve used Zecwallet Lite so love to get involved.

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@elliotblanchard you could reach out to aditya perhaps, and see if there’s any way to plug in?

This makes me feel like it’d be really great to have some ZOMG bounties up, so that folks like elliot who are interested can take on a project and don’t have to do all the work of figuring out what would be helpful.

But we might not have the capacity on ZOMG to post these and keep them current. Hmmm…


Great idea - will do