Funakoshi Miner is now the fastest equihash cuda miner

After many months of hard work, at last, my solver is now the fastest.
It runs on Windows, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Checkout version 2.1 at: github

do you have a forum entry somewhere else expect this one?

This is my only forum entry on

I meant, in another forum?

There is one in bitcointalk

Not really the fastest, FM 960 sol/s, DSTM near 1000 sol/s, Bminer 1030 sol/s

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@funakoshi what Equihash parameters does your miner support? It would be nice if they were configurable (something I’d like to see in all Equihash miners).

Zcash’s current Equihash parameters are 200, 9.
Thus, only these parameters are currently supported.

Bminer inflates hashrates and is extremely sketchy

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