Future of Zcash dev funding — megathread / everything in one place

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Call for an extension of the * ZIP draft submission deadline — Aug 31, 2019

I think it would be more than fair, necessary and good if the deadline at least for the draft submission would be extended with at least 2 weeks.

Reasoning: While the discussion itself begun more or less allready in January and some proposal authors made their proposals allready at the end of june, just the recent days we, the proposal makers, get just now more detailed information about guidelines from the foundation and even a statement of the ECC as an answer to the foundations guidelines is still being “internally discussed”.

Having in mind that the foundation just now came out with their guidelines for further funding and the ECC’s answer is still on it’s way i think it’s more than fair to call for an extension of the deadline with at least 14 days so proposal makers can review, re-think and adjust their proposals and/or new proposals can be made that fit the new facts we just got and will get these days.

Having about only 10 days time from today doesn’t sound realistic IF someone wants to make a proposal with all the new facts, guidelines, thoughts, possibilities presented these days.

Love the foundation blog post, it really shows how independent they are and how they really care for a “greater good” for the zcash ecosystem.

@zooko make your company a non profit organization and show us how “ALL IN FOR ZEC” you guys really are :wink:


Actually if it is a real, true and honest “All in for ZEC” this call should have come from the ECC themself upfront in my opinion…

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Even furthur than that, if it’s a real ALL IN, it would mean sacrificing personal gain, lowering wages, getting smaller offices or working strictly by remote, no more travel expenses, no lunch/dinner expenses, selling all stocks and invetory owned by the company. ALL IN is MAKE OR BREAK. All in has nothing to do with “if it doesn’t work out we will be searching other opportunitys/income” LOL.


I pay attention to this in every post, the company’s profit comes first, the asset in the form of a coin is not important to them, you can throw it into the fund with all the problems and go the other way yourself, ECC does not care about zec, they get the effect just like company. And of course money is money is money. Stop the reward, give the rest to the fund, this will be enough for a long time, but no, they want to continue to work on the coin, and in the bottom line we will soon hear about the lack of funding and new problems.

Building on our original forum post on this matter, we at Placeholder are close to finalizing a ZIP draft that takes a broadly similar approach to what you’ve described.


Hi community. I just posted a quick update from ECC on Twitter and posting the link here in case you don’t follow us there or missed it. https://twitter.com/ElectricCoinCo/status/1160282706661392384


No need to click it, not much to read there other than they are still working on it:

We have been carefully reviewing and considering the balanced and principled

@ZcashFoundation Guidance on DevFund Proposals released this week. We plan to publicly comment on it in the very near future.

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Think its fair they get some time to think it through, changing to a non-profit is a big ask & will impact many things. Hope they agree, it would bring an end to all sorts of criticism.

Maybe Netflix will get Anthony Hopkins & Jodie Foster to make a movie about it, could be called ‘Silence Of The Trolls’.

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ECC will not become a non-profit organization, this requirement is not feasible.

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I must say I love your spirit Bob. I’m being naive and poking a lot lately, I do thoo, have strong feeling that things won’t go as most wish it to be.
The thing that bothers me the most is not having a real roadmap of features ahead of us, only half promises that will put us in the same situation in 4-8 years. The features needed are many, and the the money received already should’ve been more than enough for developing some utility for end users. ECC concentrated too many resources that we should be grateful for, but nobody asked (regulation and goverment chit chat). I fully understand the need for such work and I know it goes hand in hand with adoption BUT, I personally feel it’s waaaay to early to even give a F. Making zcash scalable, pos, smart contractable, tokenizable and actually create an enviroment that can benefit zeroknowledge other than privacy would create so many useful cases for businesses and personal use that regulation would bang at “our” doors, not the other way around.


These are interesting times. ECC already said its ‘up to the community’ & the non-profit suggestion has quickly gathered support, it’ll be very awkward for them to say no.

Think we’ll end up with a re-mix of ideas from the leading proposals, a compromise of sorts to keep things going but it wont be the status-quo. The roadmap bothers me, funding should be connected to deliverable features & if features are not known/specified its wrong to guess how much it’ll cost.

Anyway, we’re in for a fun week methinks.


Words are spoken easy, action is a bit more difficult in most cases.
My guess is that they won’t convert to a non-profit now , but will offer it as in option within 2020-2028 and my next guess is that there will be a lot of IF’s. For example if funding is granted for more than 8 years, IF it’s 20% and such …

that’s what i argued months ago that bevor even a funding talk/discussion takes place there must be a road map with what these funds are used for. These are questions that have been raised, just nobody cared, neither the forum community here, nor anybody else. Just some days bevor the proposal deadlines it gets actual. You both are regulars here, where have you been the last months, lol. :thinking:

Dont worry Alex, your posts do get read but not always replied to :wink:

I know, that’s why i didn’t wrote “nobody reads” but “nobody cares” :slight_smile:

A hallmark of this community has been its integrity, thoughtfulness and respect for the dignity of every person. These things are core to why I chose to pursue work on this project and with this team. I’m sorry to see this community devolve into what I’ve seen in this forum and this kind of response. @johnwisdom (and @boxalex by extension) - I am ok to take criticism and a challenge of ideas, but I am unwilling accept that this kind of response reflects the spirit of this project.


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Maybe it’s time to come together and analyse why so many ZEC believer, fans, regulars, supporters, or just normal people react that way? Maybe think about what triggers our posts and what the reasons are that especially the ECC gets less and less support? Ever thought about what the reason is that this is nearly a ghost forum lately?

Sorry Josh but we didn’t got born with these feelings and vision we have right now. A lot of things trigger the expression the negative expressions you see on this forum, reddit, twitter and so on.

It’s very easy to give the people that express cricicism a label and stamp and move on and cuddle the yes-man. Actually in the current situation where everything thing is about a new dev fund it doesn’t look good either when people that express their negative feelings and adress what they think are flaws get some kind of discredited for that.

I’am daily, 24x7, thinking at least 2-3 hours daily making my heading and thinking about Zcash, for FREE actually. This for sure accounts as well for others. I really get more and more the impression that you guys & girls have no idea how your actions often look and come across from outside.


Reposting this part of Anton1’s post that got flagged for some reason, i guess because the other part wasn’t written too good because of his not to good non-native English knowledge.

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