Future of Zcash dev funding — megathread / everything in one place

A mechanism for on-chain stakeholder voting is already set up. Just send a memo from a t-address to the polling address zs1ud5cyusgfsqgkfqlxery0ttyvuvj66wztlqgv8tc4qaukaeaejxj7u70j0qgcctjfvzuzadejxd with your vote, encoded as a memo the same way as miners, like 1Y2Y3N4N5Y6A7A8N9Y10N11N12Y13Y for an example.

I updated the stake polling thread with some more specific NU4 dev fund details: Staked Poll on Zcash Dev Fund Debate - #28 by amiller It’s not a perfect solution, it basically requires the CLI or Zecwallet or any wallet supporting memos and z addresses, and requires you to unshield your coins to vote, which isn’t encouraged. But, the mechanism is available, so if you want to use it it’s there… and it is truly permissionless and cannot be stopped, since anyone can view the memos sent to the polling address. IMO we should publicize this in case stakeholders want to participate, but the interface is poor enough I’m expecting too much turnout here, but hoping to be proved wrong.

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