Future Zcash Applications

I just wanted to open a discussion on potential future applications of Zcash...

Throwing out a couple off the top of my head;

1) Maybe some type of decentralized credit monitoring system that maintains user privacy? (Current credit scoring system in the US is very centralized, run by Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) Could it be worth writing a new system that can be sent inquiries and handled only by the user?

2) Is there a reliable, provably fair Zcash Dice game? Although a fairly small idea, things like this will get potentially many more transactions onto our blockchain, which we need if we want true value to rise; I personally believe that any given cryptocurrency's true value is equal to it's volume, minus the amount of coins outside of circulation.

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Or Dev side, Linux based operating system on mining purpose :sun_with_face:

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Zec based free online cryptocurrency university, learning platform, info course whathaveyou, from whats crypto to advanced market analysis, educational and ease of use are key, like a training module at a job place for how to mop and how to use the turbo oven, train them on whats important and how to utilize it

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