Gemini announces support for Zcash

Folks, read the whole thing. One really significant part of it is that the New York Department of Financial Services has studied Zcash and approved its use. This completely reverses the widespread assumption that was repeated a lot over the last year Zcash can’t be supported by regulated USA exchanges.


Wow!! That is awesome!!
Hope more stores and exchanges will support Zcash, for its privacy and team is so great!!

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This is fantastic news!

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This IS fantastic news!!! This could open the door for a Coinbase adoption as well. A regulated exchange with a ZEC/USD pair!

You can wire transfer from a bank

Well, even more profitable now with asics …lol

It appears catered towards people who trade alot, the transaction fees lower with the increased amount of trading

Well, even more profitable now with asics …lol


That’s normal on most exchanges.

Well…my guess is bitmain is now more then ever ramping things up with those asics with prices going banana’s … so …accumulate while you still can


Like one month to go untill the hell unleashes. For better or for worse, we still don’t know for sure.

Hey Zooko, you still in Arizona? Do you by chance know anything about why it’s the only F’ing state that Gemini won’t let you sign up in? Well, besides Hawaii but no one counts them anyway.

So weird, I’ve worked in the financial industry in the past and AZ is actually one of the more friendly states for this sort of thing (NM and WA are notoriously bad).

Hoping for some light on this before I setup my account at a relatives address in another state.

I have no idea. Sounds like a question for Gemini.

it’s great news! hope for more exchangers now

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Why was there such an assumption? I’m curious