BBT this weekend covering Zcash Mining Rig 7x MSI GTX 1080 Twin Frozr OC

Good evening folks!

Quick teaser of our mega build
7x MSI Twin Frozr RX580 4GB Gaming X
7x MSI Twin Frozr 1080GTX 8GB Gaming X

showing you the GTX

Full livestream on how we built it, got it to work and tips/tricks if you wanted to build your own. Follow us on YouTube at BitsBeTrippin and Twitter! Should be a great episode!

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7 is not mega… 8 is mega :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and you said H270-plus is only for 4 cards… it can do 8.

and yes those are all red devil :smiling_imp: golden samples… when you go mega… you go all the way ROFL !


Stupid question but would like to know if you can help. How do you connect 2 psu’s to one rig? Is there something you need to change on one of them so that they power on the same time?

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that red though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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it is not a stupid question, it is something that a lot of people do incorrectly yet it is very simple and not expensive to do properly and safely.

All you need is one of these:

I am uploading my “How to build an 8 GPU mining rig” video now, and I show how to properly connect one of these and how to properly use the cables with both GPUs.

I will create a new thread here when the upload is complete.

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Thanks for the reply will check it out

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the fans are RGB LED with remote control… they can be turned to green for Nvidia rigs too.

the rig frame is available here:

and it is much more suitable for mining than the standard server boxes that most people use for a 7 or 8 GPU build…

7 GPU frames are available through custom orders.

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Do you ship to South Africa?

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I’m good for frames, already have built stackables. May order some riser cards off you some point, as few from my last batch smoked one of my mobo’s.

Yes I currently have a package I am shipping to Gauteng, South Africa today and another miner waiting for 6 BlackBlizzard frames. You should email me at and ask for a DHL shipping quote. I can not put DHL shipping in the store as DHL is calculated by either a LxWxH formula or by real weight, which ever produces a higher “weight” value. So i need to do every DHL cacluation individually.

Thanks for the interest.

Ykes! dont use those molex to sata extension cables, and no more than 2 risers per cable.
I do use a single riser per 295x2 and havent had a problem, but that IMO is risky as they easily hit 400 watts, 500 with an OC

Wasn’t that. Using 16 AWG each with 2 cards max already.
I haven’t had time to look into it further but my money’s on the risers molex port as it came loose after power down and held that distinct smell

sorry to hear that, I’ve seen 2 melt downs already in the last 2 weeks, now you are hte 3rd i have heard of. (though they were not using my risers, one guy had 4 connected to one cable, and another had 3 390s on one cable + an ssd)

3 390s + an ssd on one cable!? a death wish if i’ve ever seen one!

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yeah seriously… now im a teacher… ive been helping people through chat for 2 weeks now… good thing I go on vacation in 4 days (for 10 days)

Well deserved break. Wherever you’re headed to, enjoy and party hard :sunglasses:

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EU :slight_smile: Thanks
visiting some family and take the wife to see the cities.
I will also be meeting with some mining companies… one wallet company and one mining company, so some business on the side. :slight_smile:

and some beers with someone who I need to deliver some QR Code wallets to (keychains and pendants)… figured since i will be in his city, better just deliver it in person LOL

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We corrected that 4 card comment in the follow up video. Once our PCIe 3 to 1 and M.2 to PCIe gets in. We are going to build a 8gpu+ few builds as mentioned in last weeks livestream. Looking to keep it on a single PSU though with the eVGA Titanium T2 1600.

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What’s the power at wall with that build?

waste of money in my honest opinion

and you dont get enough 6 pin cables to do a good job powering risers…

Dual PSU is superior because

  1. cheaper and you get more watts
  2. you get enough 6 pin ports and enough sata/molex cables to better power all the risers…

I think single psu is just for those who are unwilling to do it proper with dual PSU… its kind of lazy and a waste of money