New rig, looking for advice regarding best hardware for zcash etc


Hope you are well !!

I am looking to create best, more efficient minig rig for zcash. I went thought the forum, sound like GTX might be best choice to do this. Also looks like its good to start with 1080 ti. My plan is to buy 6 or 8 cards.

But anyway, I think I will need more advice for you. Maybe lets start from GPU, what model, should I focus on 1080 TI only ? or …?

I am waiting for your opinion, thought, experience with GTX GPU cards,and hopefully you will help me to make final decision which card, and just buy few cards.

Many thanks

I have been mining with 6 GTX 1060 6GB cards and get around 290 - 305Sol/s out of them. I’m thinking of adding another rig with GTX 1070 cards.
Apart from that I cannot help you very much yet since I’m quite new to the scene myself.

Hi, thank you for replay.

Hows your profit looks like, I mean investment ?
How long are you doing this ?
Can you list you hardware spec please ?

Many thanks

I paid 2500$ in local currency here in Thailand for the complete rig : 6 GTX 1060 6GB cards
Intel Pentium CPU G3260 3.3GHz
ACPI x64
Disk drives Apacer AS340 120GB

Just copying this from device manager since I know very little about hardware :wink:
As I look at the dashboard I seem to be mining at around 1.6 - 1.9 kH/s
I just started about 1 week ago, at first with using nicehash but as from yesterday using fypool.