Genoil zec miner 0.32 check

People, i have questions.
At first, what is it mean?

in start.bat i enter the next
genoil.exe -c -u Genoil.Tromp -p z
WITHOUT -P 0 -g 0 1 -i 13
for what need this attributes?
and now will start official, need some edit or what? how start official version mine? someone tell me please.

Better use your own username and workername. :relaxed:

yes, i used, kane.kane i correct understand? need dublicate after “.” and what to do now? official start alredy begin?

If you are registered at suprnova as SlavoN and have created a worker already that is named as CPU1 (for example), then there should be -u SlavoN.CPU1

ok understand, and what to do now? official mine start? simple start this .bat and all? or need some edit now after official start?

and i look at this line 5-10 minutes and not add new lines…

I haven’t understood this yet. )) At suprnova there is still aт inscription saying that there is only testnet mining there…

ok, what is it mean? i deleted this in edit file .bat
-g 0 1 -i 13

Why post in this new thread. Post in the main Genoil thread.

still crashes for me

same problem when u start it’s work 5-20 min and crash yes?