New to zcash and genoil

So I’m really new to mining zcash. I mine with nicehash, and ots kinda of a waste of time and money with their “payouts” maybe becasue I’m mining with a stock gpu. I planned to upgrade with nivida gtx 970 soon. Ive learned bfg miner with some block eruptets but ended up selling the rig cuz it didnt produse any real ROI, so I want to learn genoil before I buy the the gtx. I have w few questions about how all this works. So when I run the miner as is no input of any wallets or anything, the miner says its connected but its not hashing at all. Why is that

Heres is a picture of what the miner says … I want to know when this code comes up
Gpu#0: zec-as#8clEnqueueNDRamgekernal(-4)
Gpu#0: mining thread quit