Whats more important to you? Sapling or ASIC Fork

So in your opinion, should the Sapling update be delayed to work on a ASIC fork. Or should Sapling be the main goal and stay on schedule.

I know Sapling is going to be a big upgrade for the network, But IMO who is going to be left on the network when ASICs take over? Only people that bought ASICs?

My vote = ASIC Fork is needed more.


I agree that an ASIC fork is needed, even if its only to test to see if Bitmain has been mining with their ASIC against the current consensus of not allowing ASICs(Is that even actionable?). If hashrate drops significantly and seems to prove that they have been (idea from zookoo’s twitter post about secret Monero ASICS), then take appropriate measures of punishment(a fork??)? Speaking of… how is that handled? How does the community/blockchain handle a group of miners breaking a current rule or set of rules other than forking? Also, if forking is the answer to current rules being broken… then why is the question of a fork even being discussed?? Seems like doing anything other than saying no for the time being would be ignoring the current rules.

Forgive my ignorance and please correct my misunderstandings. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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I would like to know why sapling schedule is so rigid and why no one wants to delay it…

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The sapling upgrade is important because it will improve the way Zcash works. I don’t think forking for ASIC resistance is important at all and I don’t think there should be a fork.

ASICs add more risk for miners, that’s all. That’s why gpu miners are so upset here. It’s not out of a goal to protect Zcash from anything, it’s from a goal to have mining hardware that they can resell to gamers or switch to mining other coins. ASICs remove that flexibility.

Some smaller miners might not want to take the risk of buying ASICs, but at the same time more non-technical users might get involved in mining because of the added simplicity compared to GPU mining setups.


Other than performance what are we talking about? What is so sacred of this upgrade, why can’t it wait?

It could wait, but the project already carrys momentum from months ago and hopefully its completed when its scheduled to, June 25th, which is less than 60 days, its gonna take 30 before we know if these asics even exist

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There is no rule saying ASIC cant mine on the network, they are probly mining right now. They can mine much faster(10x - 100x) then GPU miners so over time only ASICs will be left mining on the network. The supply of ASICs vs graphics cards in the hands of miners is a huge issue atm. Going from 100+k people mining to less than 10k is not good for the network.

To prevent ASICs on the network the PoW needs to be changed to a more memory intensive parameter. Forking is where everyone agrees on new rules(PoW) at a set block in the future, after that block is mined everyone uses the new rules…Its more complicated than that…but that is the basics.


The presence of ASICs on the network will be noticeable within a week of when the Z9s begin shipping. My prediction is that the difficulty will be ~35 million+ during the first week of July.

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Shielded transactions on cell phones is one of the the potentials, its bigger than our mining profits for a little while

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This is something I know, but blocks only come so quickly and there are only so many TX per block. I wonder what will happen if the TX volume goes of 5, 10 or, even, 100 times…blocks only come so quickly and there are only so many TX per block.

Thank you for clarifying. I was under the impression that rules were currently in place, my mistake.

Sapling is running on testnet right now ( I think)
Edit- look, im sure it sucked for monero miners but they did something when they were ready and Zcash co is busy
The less distracted by this they are the better

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That’s Overwinter which activates on block 347500. The next release will contain the testnet block height activation for Sapling I believe.


I think you should look at how Japan is starting to ban private coin like Zcash. they are targeting exchanges and they could easily target the antminer Z9 mini ounce they know it exists. And all the gpu miner should contact the japanese and korean (and all countries) authorities to let them know that they should ban the Z9 mini a hardware which sole specific purpose is to mine a private coin!

If you want to contact the Japan Financial Service Agency to tip them about those Z9 mini: Ask J-FSA: J-FSA’s one stop contact point for your inquiries : Financial Services Agency

right, because a 300w z9 mini is easier to find than a 1200w 6 card rig. The FUD is real. ASICs improved bitcoin. The “Bitmain” problem developed because other manufacturers couldn’t handle the bear market and went belly up. Bitmain survived and, rightfully, became the front runner. I dislike the bcash BS, wish they would quit that. Saying the empire of Bitmain is the cause of all evils is 10 steps too far.

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Right now z_addrs aren’t possible to use. Speed improvements will make them usable

So you’re saying to keep something decentralized by going to a centralized government agency and trying to get a few bureaucrats to ban a miner? Your approach contradicts the very reason for it.

Intercept at port of entry.