"Good high bandwidth democracy"

Fun brainstorming session for those interested :slightly_smiling_face:.

I was watching this video where Vitalik Buterin talks about the opportunities and need for “good high bandwidth democracies” (from about 15:20) Steps to the Digital State & Open Mic AMA - Vitalik Buterin - YouTube

A lot of things got discussed but it definitely got me thinking about where Zcash fits into this ecosystem. It seems to me that so many of the part are being researched, experimented on, and solve on other chains. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing but it does make me wonder about how Zcash can provide a net benefit to the system.

As an example when attestation of humanity is more widely solved on another chain (e.g. Ethereum) does Zcash need a seperate attestation of humanity service native to Zcash? Probably not? Do we need to mirror those humanity tokens natively as OSAs (aka ZSAs)? Don’t know. But I do know some of the democratic and voting structure we may want to see in Zcash may require an attestation of humanity to restrict people from voting more then once.

We all know Zcash excels at the privacy game but have we thought through how Zcash can participate in these systems and provide a net benefit over an L2 that provides privacy?

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Let me start. What if an Ethereum L2 could utilised the Zcash blockchain to provide the infrastructure for private voting? Zcash acting as a kind of zk-proofs service.

I wonder if these are the types of things the Ethereum Foundation and ECC collaboration are looking into?